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How to Get Involved in the Fight for Racial Justice

By Nick O'Brien / June 3, 2020
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If you’re anything like us, you’ve been looking for ways to support Black Lives Matter and the broader fight for racial justice – especially, but not only, in the last couple of weeks, which have brought numerous instances of unspeakable racist violence before our eyes.   Here are some ways you can help. Organizations to…

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Interview Secrets on Sales Hacker blog header with Carolyn Betts Fleming photo

Need Sales Interview Tips? Ours Are Live on Sales Hacker.

By Carolyn Betts Fleming / February 27, 2020
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Every day, people walk into sales interviews holding their fate in their hands. What they do and say over the subsequent hour or so can land them their dream job, or take them out of contention for the role. There are people standing at this crossroads right now, as you read this.    The next…

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Betts Recruiting 2020 Compensation Guide

More Great Sales and Marketing Data from Our 2020 Compensation Guide!

By Nick O'Brien / February 24, 2020
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The next preview of our 2020 Compensation Guide is here! Today we’re zeroing in on two data points from the guide, and sharing our analysis of them. What do these data points say about sales and marketing salaries today, as well as broader business trends?    Keep reading to get our insight. And download the…

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Betts Recruiting 2020 Compensation Guide

The Wait Is Over: Our 2020 Compensation Guide Is Here!

By The Betts Team / February 5, 2020
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Question: what does a recent college grad looking for his first sales role have in common with a CEO working to build her executive team? Answer: they’ve got money on the brain. Whatever your position in the workforce, having a solid grasp of current compensation standards in your space is a key ingredient to success.…

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Happy New Year Betts Recruiting blog banner

More Hiring, Career Advancement, and other 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

By The Betts Team / January 2, 2020
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Well, the holidays are over. Depending on your perspective, that can be a sad thing, or, honestly, kind of a relief. In any case, the new year is an opportunity for self-improvement, to capitalize on last year’s achievements and see how far you can take them between now and next January.    Here are our…

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Betts Connect blog header with Drew Glover photo

Betts Connect: The Cure for the Common Phone Screen

By Drew Glover, Head of Betts Connect / December 3, 2019
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Let’s be real: There’s a lot of room for improvement in the phone screen process. Back when I was on the job market, I’d get that first call from a recruiter or hiring manager, and have to make some excuse to step out of the office and answer the phone. It honestly causes anxiety, having…

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Thanksgiving blog header

Long Weekends, and Other Things to Be Thankful For

By The Betts Team / November 26, 2019
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Listen: Can you hear that? Could it be…yes, it is! It’s the sound of someone arguing with their cousin over the best stuffing recipe!   Thanksgiving 2019 is almost here, and as we get ready to load up on pumpkin pie and watch shivering reporters cover the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, let’s not forget what…

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Recruiter Spotlight: Lauren Crane

By The Betts Team / October 10, 2018
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How long have you been with Betts?   I’ll have been at Betts 3 years in December!   What’s your Betts story?   I started as a candidate with a Betts Recruiter. After a few different external interview processes, she told me that Betts was hiring. I started as an Recruiting Coordinator, then moved to…

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life hack podcasts

Our Favorite Podcasts: Round 2

By The Betts Team / April 24, 2018
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We launched Round One of our favorite podcasts back in January. Now that spring has sprung,  you’re likely on the hunt for something new, inspiring and full of wisdom.   Here are a few picks from the Betts team, based on content, quality, excellence within their genre, entertainment value, and of course, our exceptionally good…

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