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Long Weekends, and Other Things to Be Thankful For

The Betts Team
November 26, 2019

Listen: Can you hear that? Could it be…yes, it is! It’s the sound of someone arguing with their cousin over the best stuffing recipe!


Thanksgiving 2019 is almost here, and as we get ready to load up on pumpkin pie and watch shivering reporters cover the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, let’s not forget what this holiday is all about: gratitude. Watching good things happen to companies and careers is the nature of our business, so at Betts Recruiting we have a lot to be thankful for. Here’s what we’ll be thinking about this year as we drift into our Thanksgiving food comas.

We work with the best companies and professionals around

The people who come to us to guide them into a new career are smart, ambitious, and just fun to work with. The companies who partner with us to hire them are exciting and innovative. And we get a front-row seat for all of it.


To show our appreciation for all of you, here are some tips for making the rest of your career successful.



Looking for other ways to close the year out strong? Ask us about hiring or finding your next career opportunity.

There are a lot of talented young sales reps out there – and they’re crushing it

Tech sales is a tough business. It’s competitive. Prospects ask hard questions. And with the rise of consultative selling, reps are feeling the pressure to invest more time in relationship building before making a sale, even as their quotas loom. Not an easy circle to square.


But this tough environment makes it even more impressive when we see Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives we’ve placed kicking butt and taking names in their roles. Over the last few months, we’ve profiled a bunch of these reps, who are making names for themselves, getting promoted, putting on events, and succeeding all around – sometimes just a year or so out of school. With a new generation of reps like this, we’ve got no doubt that the sales organizations of the innovative companies we work with are only getting stronger and better.

Everywhere we look, exciting companies are scaling

This year we’ve had the chance to check in with several companies we’ve worked with and see what a true hiring success story looks like. There was Qualia, who partnered with us to fill two senior marketing roles after their previous recruiting efforts weren’t working as planned. There was, who grew their SDR team exponentially while making big strides toward their diversity goals. There was DataGrail, whose leader has worked with Betts at several companies to hire, in total, over 40 reps. 


All of these stories show growing companies continuing to grow through smart, efficient hiring. Definitely something to celebrate in our book.

It’s almost next year!

Granted, this one isn’t exactly unique to this Thanksgiving. Late November is always “almost next year.” But with all the good stuff we have planned for 2020, we couldn’t be more excited for the new year to come – and we’re glad we get to get started soon. We have a bigger staff, more genuine relationships, and, of course, Betts Connect – all of which are sure to make next year a great one. We’re just thankful to have such great things to look forward to.