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5 Musts for the Perfect Post-Interview Thank-You

By The Betts Team / November 15, 2019
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What are the three keys to writing the perfect post-interview thank you message? Read on and learn how to make a positive final impression.

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Our Top Resume Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job in 2020

By The Betts Team / November 13, 2019
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The new year isn’t so far away. And as you work on your “new year, new me” social media posts, know that every year also brings a new job market. What kind of resume do you need to land your dream job in 2020? For starters – and as always – a great resume is…

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6 reasons to hire veterans for sales positions


By Koka Sexton / November 11, 2019
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Hiring a veteran for sales positions is a great way for hiring managers to bring on employees able to not only hit their own quota goals but also motivate others to do the same. Besides being skilled to work under pressure, veterans have a lot of traits that make them great sales hires. In fact,…

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How to Crush It at Your Next Networking Event

By The Betts Team / September 11, 2019
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Critics might call it a cliche, but there’s definitely some truth to it: When it comes to succeeding in business, who you know is just as important as what you know. We’ve seen VPs move from one company to another and take half their team with them. For that team, their relationship to the VP…

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5 Hints for Perfecting Your Job Interview Body Language

By The Betts Team / July 30, 2019
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Hiring? Then you may have noticed something—attracting and hiring the right talent for your open roles may be more challenging than it was a few years ago. If this sounds familiar then don’t panic, you aren’t alone.

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3 Ways Your Personal Brand Can Power Your Job Search

By The Betts Team / July 23, 2019
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Angling for a career move? Then the perfect place to position yourself for your next job is online. And these days, marketing and sales professionals are expected to have an online presence that they can bring into their new roles, network included.    But it’s more than just being online. A captivating personal brand can…

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Changing Career Paths: Where to Begin?

By The Betts Team / March 15, 2019
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Making the leap into a new career can be exhilarating. It can also be intimidating and overwhelming – especially if you’ve been in your current role for some time or you are thinking about making a major change to something you’ve never done before. Whether you are entering a new industry, looking to develop new…

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Why did the Turkey break up with his girlfriend?

By The Betts Team / November 20, 2018
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Q: Why did the Turkey break up with his girlfriend?   A: Because he couldn’t get to first baste!   Jokes aside, it’s scary and sometimes hard to make moves, especially around this time of year when family, friends, and food tend to take priority. Start small, maybe a Turkey Trot. It’s a sprint to…

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A Day in the Life of a Technical SE

By The Betts Team / August 30, 2018
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Technical sales engineers are a part of the general sales department, responsible for assisting with the sale and support of complex technological products. Because these individuals are both client-facing and internally-based, not only must they be super tech-savvy, but they must also be able to present their product in a way that makes sense to…

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