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Betts Recruiting 2020 Compensation Guide

More Great Sales and Marketing Data from Our 2020 Compensation Guide!

The Betts Team
February 24, 2020

The next preview of our 2020 Compensation Guide is here! Today we’re zeroing in on two data points from the guide, and sharing our analysis of them. What do these data points say about sales and marketing salaries today, as well as broader business trends? 

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Comp Guide preview – Diving into sales and marketing salaries

There’s a lot to digest in the 2020 Comp Guide data. But when we looked at the sales and marketing numbers, a few things in particular grabbed our attention.

On the hook for on-target earnings (OTE)

Every sales leadership role except for SDR Manager – the only leader whose team doesn’t directly generate revenue – is compensated on a double OTE basis, just like Account Executives typically are. This could be seen as creating a oneness between sales leaders and the teams they manage, with superior and subordinate equally invested in the success of each sale.

It’s a good time to be a Product Marketing Manager

The highest paid non-executive marketing position this year is Product Marketing Manager. Last year, that title belonged to Demand Gen Manager. This may tell you that companies are doing more to unify the marketing and sales funnels by investing in roles that serve as a link between the two teams – PMMs, after all, are heavily involved in developing product value props and sales training and are thus widely viewed as sales-adjacent.

What’s the connection?

If you look for links between these two data points, you might find that the connective tissue is an effort to create broader investment, throughout the company, in the revenue generation machine. Holding sales leaders to a high OTE compels them to be salespeople themselves – not just managers. And investing in Product Marketing talent gives the marketing team a higher stake in the activities of the sales team.   

These data points really just begin to scratch the surface. Don’t miss out on the rest of our crucial compensation data to help you figure out if you’re paying, and being paid, fairly. Get the Betts Recruiting 2020 Compensation Guide today.