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We’ve spent 11 years building relationships with the world’s most innovative companies and professionals, and for the first time ever, we’re giving you access to this network with Betts Connect. As the only go-to-market recruiting platform built by recruiters and powered by recruiters, Connect enables you to search through a network of vetted go-to-market professionals actively looking for their next opportunity and make better hires, faster.

Here’s what our clients are saying about us.

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“Betts Connect really helped solve multiple challenges we were facing. We got results much more quickly than we had before. I think any recruiter would find success using this platform to hire sales reps at a company like ours.”

— Mia Carrasco, Business Recruiter at Grammarly
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“Immediately after meeting the Betts Recruiting team I knew they had the type of people I needed to accomplish my company’s goals. While we do consider ourselves hiring experts, the Betts team was able to deliver high quality candidates, with the unique background we were looking for, and did it quickly.”

— Marc Jacobs, Vice President of Sales at Greenhouse
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“Our partnership with Betts has worked well due in large part to their ability to understand not only the hard skills we are looking for in sales candidates but also the softer ones, making sure candidates not only are a fit for the role, but for the culture as well, which is critical to us here at Houzz.”

— Ana Harris, International People Services at Houzz
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“Betts Recruiting introduced us to high-performing salespeople who also believed in the Betterworks mission. Betts’ sense of urgency in moving the process along, and their expertise in the New York job market was effective in helping us grow our sales team with the right people. I would absolutely recommend Betts Recruiting to anyone looking for a top-tier recruiting partner.”

— Omar Divina, Head of NYC at BetterWorks

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“I work with Betts for their superior business model. My account manager works with me every step of the way and will only set up a candidate if it is a good fit for both parties. They don’t try to close every candidate at all costs and they are not a resume farm. You will not regret fostering this relationship.”

Dan Duong Sales Director, Eat Club