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Announcing Betts <> Capchase Partnership

The Betts Team
July 12, 2023

Betts Recruiting and Capchase have joined forces in a strategic partnership set to revolutionize the startup ecosystem. This collaboration brings together Capchase, a leading provider of revenue-based financing, and Betts Recruiting, America’s premier go-to-market talent partner. 

In today’s business landscape, building a successful company necessitates two key ingredients: exceptional talent and access to capital. The partnership between Betts and Capchase combines the perfect blend of both, and the shared belief in the power of synergy between these two industry leaders promises endless possibilities. Serving companies with annual recurring revenues (ARR) ranging from $25,000 to $100 million, both organizations work closely with thousands of subscription-based companies that can significantly benefit from each other’s services.

Capchase’s findings revealed that 65% of their clients utilize their funding for sales and marketing, primarily allocating the budget towards hiring efforts. Betts’ innovative subscription recruiter model presents a game-changing approach, combining the cost structure of a SaaS platform with comprehensive recruiter support. By leveraging this model, Capchase’s clients can optimize their hiring processes and utilize their resources more efficiently than with previous agency recruiting models. With full recruiter support, Betts’ clients achieve a remarkable cost per hire of  $2-3K.

Meanwhile, Betts discovered that 50% of its clients consistently engage in fundraising events, particularly when partnering with Betts to fuel their go-to-market growth. Capchase’s Grow model offers a best-in-class revenue-based financing solution, enabling companies to secure $25,000 to $10 million in financing in under two weeks, based on their ARR and growth metrics. By utilizing the Grow model, Capchase’s clients can experience a remarkable 53% increase in ARR growth.

“We are thrilled to partner with Capchase to create a new era of support for startups,” says Carolyn Betts, CEO of Betts Recruiting. “Our shared vision is to provide our partners with access to the best capital options and top talent. By combining the power of exceptional people and adequate capital, we are confident that we can help create and sustain the next generation of successful startups.”
“Our mission as a company is to grow SaaS revenue globally. To grow, companies need capital and the right revenue motions. This partnership with Betts was the next logical step in ensuring our customers have the tools and the funding they need to succeed.” Miguel, CEO of Capchase

About Capchase:

Capchase is a leading provider of revenue-based financing, empowering startups with quick and efficient access to capital. Through their Grow model, companies can secure financing based on their ARR and growth, accelerating their growth trajectory.

About Betts Recruiting:

Betts Recruiting is the go-to-market talent partner for the nation’s most innovative tech or tech-enabled companies. With a unique subscription recruiter model, Betts provides a cost-effective approach to sourcing top talent, enabling companies to build exceptional go-to-market teams.

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