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Your favorite recruiting company for Sales, Marketing, Leadership and People Ops now has a platform to match our network of professionals with companies looking to hire the best talent in the market.

Your dream company could be looking for someone just like you. With Betts Connect, we’re making it easier than ever for them to find you.

Highlighting your success - not just your work history.

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Betts Connect enables you to create a profile and curate it with everything you want potential employers to know about what makes you a rockstar in your field. From there, you join a network where your profile will be easily searchable by the hottest SaaS companies in need of top talent.

The platform empowers you to go above and beyond what’s possible in the typical online professional profile. Rather than just showing your education and job history, you can showcase key details about your career and the work you do, including specific accomplishments and more. Curate your profile with:

  • Targeted salary 
  • Roles and locations you’re interested in
  • Notable accounts you’ve worked
  • Callouts for accomplishments you’re most proud of
  • Average deal size
  • Average deal cycle
  • Your typical buyer (Dir, C-Level)
  • Sales quota
  • Verticals sold into

More details moves hiring decisions faster.

Your experience only tells part of the story. With Betts Connect we let hiring managers find professionals based on the types of industries they have worked in, typical deal sizes, and annual quotas.

Working with Betts allows you to get past the basic questions every hiring manager is wondering.

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Put your best foot forward for hiring managers.

With your customized and comprehensive profile instantly available to hiring managers, Betts Connect is streamlining and accelerating the process of connecting you with Sales, Marketing, Leadership, and People Operations roles. Say hello to your new job.

Connect to Growth