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The Future of Hiring is Connect

By leveraging over a decade of recruiting experience, we created a platform that enables you to reduce time to hire, save money, and spend more time on your growth strategy.


The First Recruiting Platform That Works

We get it. You’ve probably been burned by ineffective recruiting tools in the past, but with Connect, you’ll be investing in a platform that’s proven to get you hires. In fact, our clients see ROI in just 3 months.

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Using Connect is Easy


Choose the roles you’re hiring for, such as SDRs, AEs, or CSMs.


Filter candidates by KPIs: like quota, deal size, sales cycle, and industries sold to.


Reach out to candidates and schedule interviews.

Hiring Joins the
On-Demand Revolution

You wouldn’t use a travel agent, so why are companies still relying on old-fashioned recruiting agencies? That’s why we’re bringing some much needed innovation to the recruiting space.

  • Our Just in Time inventory system uses AI to activate passive candidates that match your job requirements.
  • Hire faster by leveraging our proprietary data that predicts which candidates will be a good fit for your open roles.
  • Connect CSMs are ex-recruiters which ensures you’ll get the best support on the platform.

Accelerate Hiring With Our Surge Recruiters

You can supplement Connect access by purchasing extra support from a recruiter on a subscription basis. Simply pay a quarterly fee, and get help with meeting your strategic hiring goals.

  • Keep up with short-term spikes in hiring needs
  • Hire people located outside of traditional tech hubs
  • Make hires with hard-to-find skills or backgrounds
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Our Clients Love Using Connect

“Betts Connect really helped solve multiple challenges we were facing. We got results much more quickly than we had before working with Betts. I think any recruiter would find success using this platform to hire sales reps at a company like ours.”

Mia Carrasco, Business Recruiter at Grammarly

“I needed a unique set of skills and had a rather tight turnaround to find and hire several experienced Customer Success Managers with proven experience managing client relationships in a rapidly growing environment. The Betts team worked with me, helped me utilize Connect and ensured that I found all the people I needed to have a successful team.”

Ruth Ellen Heaton, Director of Customer Success at lexipol

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Join the Hiring Revolution

As the only platform built and powered by recruiters, Connect is the first recruiting platform that actually gets you hires and scales with you. Schedule a demo today, and see how Connect can help you build your go-to-market teams.

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