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Betts Connect: The Cure for the Common Phone Screen

The Betts Team
December 3, 2019

Let’s be real: There’s a lot of room for improvement in the phone screen process. Back when I was on the job market, I’d get that first call from a recruiter or hiring manager, and have to make some excuse to step out of the office and answer the phone. It honestly causes anxiety, having to sneak around behind your boss and coworkers’ backs. The worst part? Half the calls wouldn’t even go anywhere. I’d tell them my salary expectations, or my preferred job location, and it would be a dealbreaker.


All that anxiety for nothing. 


And the thing is, it’s hard on the screeners, too. Hiring managers sourcing candidates on traditional job boards have to wade through a lot of bad fits. When they pick up the phone to do a phone screen, there’s a significant chance the person they’re about to screen is going to end up getting disqualified. It’s just not a good use of time for companies who need to scale fast to meet their aggressive growth goals.


I wish I’d had something like Betts Connect when I was on the market. It could have eliminated some of those road-to-nowhere phone screens. Betts Connect is the new online platform we built this year matching sales, marketing, and people operations professionals to top companies. The basic idea is: professionals build a profile showcasing all the things hiring managers need to know to see if they’re a viable candidate – as well as any professional accomplishments they’re particularly proud of. That way, when companies reach out to professionals in the network, they’ve already decided those professionals have the potential to be great for the role they’re trying to fill. Betts pre-vets each candidate once their profile is complete to ensure truth in each candidate profile.

The anatomy of a Betts Connect profile

Get a more detailed view of Betts Connect here.


So what exactly does a Betts Connect profile consist of? What are these “things hiring managers need to know” that a profile showcases?


The key particulars

When hiring managers look at a professional profile, they get a pretty comprehensive window into that professional’s job history. But job history alone doesn’t go nearly far enough in evaluating whether this person is right for the open role. To get that level of insight, the hiring manager needs to know not just what job the person currently has, but what job they’re looking for. And they need to know things like: What are this person’s salary expectations? Does this sales rep typically handle small to midsize deals, or enterprise accounts? What kind of quota do they have experience carrying? Is this person actively searching for a new role, or simply open to exciting opportunities? Betts Connect gives professionals the chance to show all of that info and more.


The common essentials

Of course, it’s still important to have a window into the basic, contextual stuff you get on traditional job boards. These are things like key skills, job and education history, and current position. Professional profiles in Betts Connect have all that as well. 


The bottom line is: when the candidate screening process gets shorter, everyone wins. Candidates have more confidence, and can present exactly what hiring managers need to know. Companies save money by filling key roles faster. And everyone saves time. That was our vision when we set out to develop Betts Connect, and it’s our vision now as we roll it out.