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Answer the following questions to get a final report that will show you how much you’re spending per hiring channel and see where you can cut costs to maximize your CPH. The Cost-Per-Hire Calculator will help you see what your total recruitment expenses for every new hire really come out to when all the costs you might have missed are included.

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    Part 1 of 7

    Start with the total number of new hires you bring on per year across the company or for an individual department, then how many of those are part of your sales, marketing or customer success teams.

    Number of Annual Hires

    % AE, SDR, CSM, Enterprise Hires


    Part 2 of 7

    Add up all the costs of your paid outreach and compare against the number of new hires sourced through these channels.

    Cost of Advertising

    Spend for Job Boards, Career Fairs, Advertising, etc.

    Average Hires

    Number of hires gained through advertising

    % AE, SDR, CSM, Enterprise Hires


    Part 3 of 7

    Add up costs for software purchases and subscriptions used during your hiring process.

    ATS Cost

    Lever, Greenhouse, etc.

    Video Interview Software

    Zoom, WebEx, etc.

    LinkedIn Recruiter

    Other Sourcing Tools

    Internal Costs

    Part 4 of 7

    Measure total cost of your internal recruiting team and contribution to GTM hiring.

    Number of Internal Recruiters

    Go-To-Market Recruiters

    Recruiters focusing on sales, marketing and customer success roles

    Average Salary

    Average Bonus

    Interview Process

    Part 5 of 7

    Measure the cost impact of the time non-recruiter employees spend interviewing candidates.

    Number of Staff Hours Interviewing

    How many hours non-recruiters spend interviewing

    Average Salary

    Salary of non-recruiters (leadership, staff, etc.)

    No of Candidates Interviewed Each Year

    By non-recruiters

    Referral Program

    Part 6 of 7

    Compare your referral rates versus hiring goal return.

    How much you typically spend per referral

    How many hires you typically get from referrals

    % AE, SDR, CSM, Enterprise Hires

    Outsourced Resources

    Part 7 of 7

    Calculate your spend on outsourced recruiting resources per hire.

    Agency Recruiter Cost

    Include all costs associated with recruitment agency contract,
    including retainer and per-hire fees.

    RPO Recruiter Cost Per Year

    Include all costs associated with recruitment process outsourcing
    (RPO) firm contract, including management and per-hire fees.

    Average Hires Per Year Through Outsourcing

    % AE, SDR, CSM, Enterprise Hires

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