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Whether you’re trying to build a diverse team, make your first hire, or just need help with a tough search, Betts can help.

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Build Diverse Teams

Betts recruiters go through extensive DE&I training to help clients build diverse teams.

  • We provide our clients with complete DE&I educational programs, including equitable and inclusive interviewing processes, to help them build their capacity to attract and retain diverse hires.
  • Betts partners with experts in diversity, equity, and inclusion to create equitable hiring practices.

Make the Right First Hire

Finding the right person to be your first sales, marketing, or customer success hire is tantamount to your organization’s success.

  • We’ll find people who have the skills necessary to build a sales team from the ground up.
  • Our proprietary data helps us predict the people who are most likely to succeed in a newly formed sales org.
  • If you’re moving into the U.S. market, our recruiters will help you find the hire with the right experience to build your team.

Tough Search?

Some job searches are tough, but we can help you make the right go-to-market hires no matter what your needs may be.

  • We’ll help you build out new teams in locations where talent is scarce.
  • Our recruiters specialize in hiring across all technology related industries.
  • When you need to make hires with specific experiences, our team knows how to find the perfect candidates.

Proven Strategic Hiring Process

search kickoff

We meet your team, experience your culture, and get the ins and outs of what you’re looking for.


We schedule and manage the entire process, so you can focus on interviewing only the best people for your business.

hire top talent

Make the best strategic hires so that you can meet your goals and continue scaling your company.

Our Partners Love Hiring Strategically With Betts

I tried several firms and individuals before finding Betts. They uncovered candidates others could not in record time. In fact, we hired the first AE that was presented. We’ve since hired 2 more people and are working with Betts on more. In addition to their recruiting prowess, Betts goes above and beyond to help strategize. We changed our sales teams’ structure and came up with a new commission structure with help from the Betts team.

Chris Raniere, SVP Revenue at Lumanu

I have worked with Betts multiple times in the past, both as a candidate and as the hiring manager. What keeps me coming back to them is I know I will always be presented with A-Player candidates who have been pre-screened to meet our needs. When I needed to fill 5 positions quickly, I immediately reached out to Betts and, even during a tough job market, was able to fill all my positions in the desired timeline with top-notch candidates.

Karen Miller Mimieux, VP of Customer Success & Sales Operations at Linc Global

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