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Betts Connect vs Rainmakers – Which Sales Hiring Platform to Pick?

The Betts Team
March 15, 2024

Betts Connect and Rainmakers are both sales hiring platforms that help you scale your talent acquisition and broaden your reach. However, only one was built by recruiters to specifically solve the pain points that affect hiring managers in tech the most and provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional recruiting agencies. With market-leading features, an expansive network of pre-vetted go-to-market (GTM) candidates and expert support provided by the Betts team, Connect is the best choice for technology startups seeking to hire right fit candidates at the right time.

Here are the top factors to consider when comparing Betts Connect versus the Rainmakers platform:

What is a Sales Hiring Platform?

A sales hiring platform is a recruitment software that enables organizations to directly source and engage with candidates for sales jobs. While it can be broadly applied to different types of solutions, what separates a true recruiting platform from simpler job boards and search engine websites is the deeper functionality they bring. Where the latter are typically just places where an employer can post a job for applicants to find, the former are defined by their improved ability to connect organizations with the right fit candidates they are looking for in a shorter time frame.

Similarities Between Connect and Rainmakers as Hiring Platforms

As two sales hiring platforms that serve the technology sector, Betts Connect and Rainmakers do have several points of commonality in their core functionality. Both systems are built around their respective networks of pre-vetted professionals, with each featuring a detailed candidate profile page that lists key performance indicators (KPIs) that help to quantify their level of experience and ability to meet vital benchmarks. Each also features integrations with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS) such as Greenhouse and Lever.

Where the differences lie between each solution, however, is in the depth of these features as well as the quality of service behind them. Betts Recruiting is able to leverage our years of experience as a leading tech recruiting agency to continue to refine and improve Connect, while also ensuring that our solutions are designed to solve the unique challenges of GTM hiring managers in the technology sector.

Betts Connect vs Rainmakers – Key Differences

The differences between Betts Connect and Rainmakers is apparent in the age and experience of the teams behind them, as well as in the focus, features, network and level of support users gain access to on either subscription. Continue reading below to see how each sales hiring platform stacks up against each other in these categories:


Age can just be a number, but it can also be an indicator of just how knowledgeable an organization is, and in this case it can also be reflective of the additional resources a recruiting agency is able to provide. Betts Recruiting was founded in 2009 while Rainmakers was not started until around 2016, and in the years before and since the latter was founded, we acquired the hard-won experience that guides the direction of Connect.

The impact of this can be seen in most of the areas where these hiring platforms diverge from each other. Betts Connect provides innovation instead of imitation in all of its features and solutions, and since the Customer Success (CSM) team is made up of former recruiters, account management is tailored around addressing common – and uncommon – pain points for hiring managers in tech.


Rainmakers is focused on the sales portion of technology recruiting, while Betts specializes in helping build go-to-market teams. This distinction is important for different types of organizations such as startups, which often need to create their GTM footprint from scratch in the pre-Seed or Seed stages and meet specific revenue targets to reach Series A and B. This is how Betts Recruiting has helped over 10,000 tech startups scale their revenue-generating teams, with 50 growing to unicorn status after launching their IPOs. 

The Betts team is also better positioned to help orgs in different subsectors that are looking to find candidates that understand industry-specific sales motions and source top talent more quickly than with a broader hiring platform. Whether it is general SaaS, specific areas like fintech or edtech, or in the rapidly emerging Generative AI market, our expert recruiters will help you align Connect with your hiring goals and track down the right fit unicorn sellers which know your market.


Being younger and focusing on “exclusivity,” Rainmakers can inevitably only provide access to a smaller number of tech sales professionals. The Betts Connect network features the largest collection of GTM candidates with backgrounds in technology in the U.S., with tens of thousands of professionals featured and more added every day. Everyone with a profile on Connect is pre-vetted, and each of those profiles lists historical KPIs to allow you to find your right fit candidate much more quickly than on a typical job board like LinkedIn or Indeed

Taking advantage of having a full-service recruiting agency behind your hiring platform also means maintaining a better level of communication with candidates on Betts Connect. Our team of recruiters will engage with top talent directly, and ensure engagement and retention throughout the interview process.


On the surface level, Connect and Rainmakers seem to share a lot of the same basic functionality. However, there is not much else that the latter is able to offer that stands out uniquely from most other hiring platforms, and they provide little detail publicly about any additional features they may have. Betts Connect delivers all of this and more, with a library of resources that outline best practices for using our solution as well as other functions and use cases.

Connect gives you access to advanced filters, AI-powered search functions and integrations with apps like Zoom to create a seamless candidate sourcing and engagement process. You are able to leverage tools like Just In Time (JIT) to scale up your search on demand, and find the right candidates at the right time using a data-driven recommendation engine.


Support availability with standard hiring platforms like Rainmakers is often limited, especially if there is no service component that comes with your subscription. The advantage of having a recruiting agency behind your software is that they will be able to provide a human touch to augment your search and fill in the gaps for personal engagement. With Betts’ particular Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model, you get the best of both worlds at a fraction of the total cost of a traditional agency contract.

With the RaaS package, you not only gain access to Connect with an assigned account CSM, but also to a dedicated recruiter for increased end-to-end support through your hiring process. With your Betts Connect subscription, you are able to make an unlimited number of hires and take advantage of the additional service to recruit an entire team at scale with bringing on internal recruiters. All of this is priced at the same level of one hire with other full-service agencies after the retainer and fees.

Choose Betts Connect as Your Sales and GTM Hiring Platform

When compared to Rainmakers, Connect is the clear winner as a next level hiring platform for sales, marketing and customer success roles. Get in touch with our team and learn more about how our Recruitment as a Service model combines technology and service to scale your hiring.

Contact Betts here to dive deeper into RaaS and Connect, and discover how to consolidate your hiring costs to one lower price.