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Betts Connect FAQs for Hiring Managers

The Betts Team
May 13, 2020

By the end of last year, a number of our partners had started using Betts Connect, our online platform connecting companies with talented professionals on the market for a new role. Since then, leaders at other companies have taken note. As word spreads of this new way of new way of sourcing top talent and creating matches made in hiring heaven, there are people out there who want to learn more about it. 

Here are some frequently asked questions we’ve gotten around what Betts Connect is, how it works, and what makes it different.

What you need to know about hiring through Betts Connect

How does Betts Connect work?

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Betts Connect is an online platform giving companies full access to our exclusive, high-quality network of revenue-generating talent. Users can search for candidates, leveraging granular filters like average deal size, typical quota, industries worked, target salary, and more to find exactly the kind of professionals that meet their needs. Then they can reach out to those candidates directly within the platform for interview scheduling and other essential communications throughout the hiring process. They can also segment by actively searching, passively searching, or off the market so they can be sure they’re not chasing their tails.

How many candidates are in Betts Connect?

Lots. Over 10,000 candidates are currently active in the Betts Connect platform, with several hundred more added each week.

What defines an “active” candidate?

Active candidates are those who have built out robust profiles and engaged with the platform at least once within the last several weeks. This criteria ensures you’re able to reach out to candidates who are truly enthusiastic about connecting with companies about new opportunities.

What types of candidates are in the platform?

The Betts Connect talent network contains top revenue-generating talent in the tech space, with a particular focus on Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives. And every candidate on the platform has been vetted by the Betts team.

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How is this different from other hiring platforms?

One of the key things that makes Betts Connect unique is the quality of the network. No one makes it into the platform unless they’ve been vetted and qualified as a strong candidate for revenue-generating roles, making it the perfect platform for hiring SDRs, AEs, and other sales reps. With other platforms, you’d have to go through additional filtering to weed out irrelevant professional backgrounds and narrow your search down to sales professionals only.

The filter categories are also a strong differentiator. With other platforms, it’s hard to quickly zero in on, for example, a mid-market SaaS-specialized sales rep who hit their number 3 years in a row with an average selling price of $30 – 50k, or an old-school enterprise-class rep with 15 years’ experience that has sold 6- or 7-figure deals consistently in a 9- to 12-month sales cycle. In Betts Connect, finding people who meet such specific criteria is just a few keystrokes away.

How do candidates join Connect?

Every time a new candidate enters our talent network, they go through a 2-step vetting process with a Betts team member. If that team member deems them qualified after that vetting, they then walk that candidate through the process of building a Betts Connect profile. This ensures that each profile is complete, and that the information is up to date.

What’s the candidate response rate?

The average Betts Connect user sees a response rate around 45%. This means almost half of all outreaches lead to conversations with talented revenue-generating professionals.

Can I use Betts Connect with an Applicant Tracking System?

Yes. Betts Connect is seamlessly integrated with several of the leading products in the ATS space, eliminating the need for manual data transfer once you move from sourcing into the interview process. If you have an ATS that works great for you, there’s no need to get rid of it or deal with extra headaches!