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Why Betts Recruiting is Your Top SaaS Hiring Agency Choice

The Betts Team
October 25, 2023

Choosing a hiring agency as a SaaS company is a big investment, but Betts Recruiting is your top choice because we deliver the key ingredient for making talent acquisition efficient – scalability. We will help you transform your recruitment operations from a cost center into a solution that will elevate your business and your brand, in addition to maximizing your output.

The technology industry is still a dynamic landscape in 2023, and 2024 promises to bring uncertainty and opportunity for new startups as well as established enterprises. Some subsectors took major hits over the past year and needed to regroup, while others exploded onto the scene with fresh disruption. Positioning your organization for success in this environment means taking advantage of your greatest resource – having the right people in place at the right time to pound the pavement and accelerate your growth.

Here are just a few reasons why Betts Recruiting is your top agency choice in the SaaS space:

Recruitment Service Redefined: RaaS

The Betts Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model is a game-changing approach that combines the best value-adds of a modern talent acquisition solution with real human support to help you scale activities. With RaaS, you are getting both the expertise of a veteran recruiter acting as your go-to headhunter and also access to our proprietary hiring platform, Betts Connect, to source candidates on-demand.

Betts Connect – A Different Kind of Hiring Platform

Connect is Betts’ answer to the challenges faced by technology companies when using LinkedIn or another third-party application to hire at scale. Job boards and similar solutions are often clunky, introducing you to a wide network of candidates yet with few ways to source the right hire you are actually looking for and no ability to scale engagement, and then charge fees on top of it all. Betts Connect is fast, intuitive, organized, tailored to your search, gives you the information you need to choose the right candidate, and allows you to look for active job seekers at any point without charging additional costs.

The Biggest Network for Sales, Marketing & Customer Success Talent in Tech

Besides the modern hiring platform architecture and features, with Connect you also get access to the largest talent network for sales, marketing, customer success and revenue operations roles in the technology industry. Betts engages with a community of hundreds of thousands of top candidates with experience in tech, from SDRs to CSMs to AEs at SMB and Enterprise levels, to Marketers of all stripes.

Professional Staffing Experience in the Technology Startup Sector

Betts Recruiting has been the agency partner for over 10,000 startups and helped 50 reach unicorn status with an IPO. Our team of recruiters is made up of veteran professionals with experience specifically sourcing candidates in the technology sector for all go-to-market (GTM) roles. With a dedicated headhunter assigned to your account acting as your advocate and liaison, you save significant time – and money – on your hiring search.

Finding the Right Talent – Strategic & Executive Hiring

The problem with scaling talent acquisition in the tech world is the variance in needs between each market, subsector and organization. Most mass-market solutions like LinkedIn or Indeed and even many other recruitment agencies focus on quantity over quality. Whether you are trying to fill an executive position or need to make any other strategic hires, with Betts your search is tailored to tracking down the right fit for your team at the right time.

Compare Betts with Other Top SaaS Recruiting Agencies

Betts Recruiting is the leading agency for recruit-tech hiring, with a game-changing approach that has helped thousands of organizations meet their hiring goals at scale. See how we stack up against some of the top brands in the field.

Understanding the Different Types of Outsourced Recruiters

To get a better idea of where Betts stands out, let us break down how hiring agencies function in tech. Most external recruiters you will work with fall into one of two categories:

  • RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) – A firm that embeds an individual or team of recruiters with your organization, essentially acting as something of an outsourced interim headhunter unit along with other value-add services for a per-hire fee.
  • Recruiting Agency – A full-time recruitment agency generally brings more experience, specific expertise and resources to bear than an RPO for traditional search recruiting, making it easier to source and hire strategically, in exchange for a higher fee.

List of Top Staffing Agencies for Tech GTM Jobs

Here is a list of some of the popular names you will find in the tech staffing business, their hiring models and how these measure up against Betts’ RaaS option:


Aerotek is a big name in the recruiting agency sector that has been in the game for quite some time, serving a broad range of industries and sourcing candidates for many roles. However, this broadness is both a strength and a weakness, and reviews reflect their focus on speed of hiring versus the quality.

Captivate Talent

Captivate Talent is an up-and-coming staffing firm out of New York that focuses on filling GTM roles for SaaS-based companies, much like Betts. They are still a young organization, though, who have only been active since 2017 and do not have the resources or headcount to operate at a larger scale, and limit their services to startups under the Series C stage.

Peak Sales Recruiting

Peak Sales Recruiting is a sales-focused international staffing agency with RPO search services that caters to several industries, including general tech and some software subsectors like FinTech. Similar to Betts Recruiting, they claim to be able to streamline the strategic and executing hiring process through a proven, data-driven methodology. Unlike Betts, however, they do not provide an in-depth look at their toolset, and their narrower sourcing focus does not include marketing and customer success positions that are vital to supporting SaaS startups.

Hunt Club

Hunt Club is a venture capital-funded search recruiting startup from Chicago that specifically serves other VC-funded companies in a variety of industries that includes technology. They have their own hiring platform similar to Betts Connect simply called the Hunt Club Search Platform; the similarities end there, however. It is powered more by internal networking and referrals rather than its technical robustness and expertise of its recruiter and customer success teams, and the executive search capabilities are much more limited in scope than those of Connect.

Robert Half

Robert Half is a giant in the recruiting and staffing sector that has been in business since 1948, even claiming to have been the first in the industry. They are publicly traded and have a well-known brand, but contemporary reviews indicate that the firm still lives by an outdated approach to hiring, and they have come under fire for questionable practices more than once over the years.


CloserIQ is a NY-based GTM search recruiting firm that serves VC-funded startups, just like Betts. Unlike Betts Recruiting, however, they have not worked with nearly as many clients and have yet to help any grow from Seed to IPO. Their web marketing claims they have worked with over 900 venture-backed companies, not even 10% of the number Betts has helped to scale.


Rainmakers, Inc. was founded in 2017 in San Francisco to provide talent acquisition for open sales positions exclusively, through their own proprietary hiring platform. Similar to Betts Connect, Rainmakers includes relevant metrics such as Quota and Deal Size ranges and allows you to filter these qualifiers to narrow down your recruiting search. However, Rainmakers comes with shortfalls when compared to Connect: there is a much smaller pool of job seekers since Rainmakers, Inc. is young and is selective about including sales candidates, the technology capabilities are less than those of Connect, and you do not receive the same level of human support.


TheLIONS offers GTM recruiting services to startups in different technology spaces, including FinTech, HR Tech and SaaS. Calling their candidates “Lions,” they take a rather bombastic approach to marketing and position themselves as leveraging their firsthand startup sales experience to source the right type of candidates. However, behind the sensationalism (complete with Glengary Glen Ross quotes) you will quickly see where TheLIONS might not be the best fit for you, starting with the average 20% fees and 2% retainer they often charge for hiring any non-executive role.

See How Betts Makes the Difference in Recruiting

Your SaaS firm can’t afford to rely on a recruiting agency or RPO that is stuck in the 20th century, or doesn’t have the resources, reach or drive to find you experienced talent without blowing your budget out of the water. Recruitment as a Service with Betts brings your hiring process into the modern world at a fraction of the overall cost of traditional headhunting. Get in touch with our team of experts and see for yourself how we will transform your talent acquisition. Contact Betts today to get started with RaaS and position your organization for success with the right people hired at the right time.