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Case Studies

How Connect’s Pre-Vetted Talent Network Made CloudFlare’s Sales Hiring 5X More Efficient

The Challenge

Finding the Right Talent

Trying to find the right candidates in today’s market can be tough. CloudFlare knew exactly what they were looking for: highly technical, experienced Mid-Market AE candidates from diverse backgrounds. What they were getting from LinkedIn Recruiter was anything but. They were burning through LinkedIn In-Mails sending close to 2.5K to make 1 hire. On average, 90% of the candidates found through LinkedIn didn’t pass through the first round of interviews which exacerbated the problem.

Reaching out to 2.5K people to get to one hire, CloudFlare quickly went through the MM-AE market on LinkedIn. This is due to the fact that LinkedIn is essentially the coldest of cold outreach. It’s a glorified lead list with very little information on the talent network it supports.

The Betts Solution

Joining a Vast, Pre-Vetted, Diverse Network

With Connect, CloudFlare was able to easily dial in KPIs, to help them find the most qualified candidates. Within four months, CloudFlare hired nine highly technical and diverse candidates from Connect’s exclusive and pre-vetted network. 5X more candidates made it past the first rounds compared to LinkedIn due to the ability to filter by industries sold into, salary, deal size and sales cycle.
This is all made possible by Betts’s talent network of over 2,000,000 people in tech built up over the last decade+. This active, engaged, vetted talent network allowed Cloudflare to spend 12X more time hiring candidates and 20X less time sourcing.

The Betts Team
August 8, 2022