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Recruitment as a Service: A New Model for Talent Acquisition

The Betts Team
September 24, 2023

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) from Betts provides you with a game-changing approach to hiring sales, marketing and customer success roles in the technology sector. Drawing on the value-add model that empowers Software as a Service (SaaS) organizations, RaaS revolutionizes traditional talent acquisition methods and brings down the total cost of recruiting candidates.

Whether you are a startup growing from Seed to Series A and beyond or an enterprise combating turnover, Betts will streamline how you find and hire the right people at the right time – keep reading below to see how:

RaaS Bridges the Gap Between SaaS and Recruiting

To better define how – and where – Recruitment as a Service delivers value to you, it is best to start with understanding the “As a Service” model from the top down. Everything or Anything as a Service (XaaS) sums up this general approach and usually refers to how data and features are provided through a cloud environment.

With SaaS, software migrated from the upfront purchase of a legacy application’s license to a subscription model that could be scaled up or down at your discretion. However, the real difference lies in that “Service” part – now instead of paying an annual “maintenance fee” in exchange for product upkeep, customers have access to around-the-clock support in various forms. Often, many users have a Customer Success Manager (CSM) assigned to their account that they can rely on for guidance and escalating support request, in addition to annual security and feature improvement updates.

Recruitment as a Service with Betts

RaaS with Betts takes the service value-add of SaaS and applies as a solution to the challenges faced by old-fashioned recruiting and staffing practices in the modern technology market. Especially in the startup space, most companies in this sector run head-first into scalability issues when hiring. Whether growth, turnover or any other out of a list of multiple factors affecting headcount needs, tech orgs always have to be ready to source candidates for the right time and that come equipped with the right skillsets to accelerate business goals. Recruitment as a Service comes in and helps you overcome these obstacles by leveraging Betts’ own proprietary platform and services.

Pros and Cons of Agency Recruiters and RPOs

There are a few options to choose from when your business needs to scale your hiring fast, within budget, or (more often) both. But if your ability to source candidates through internal resources is limited (e.g., you had to cut down your talent acquisition team), then you will need to look at outsourced help. Relying on recruiters from an agency or RPO (recruitment processing outsourcing) firm is a great way to consolidate the time it takes to find the right fit for your team – these are experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of the process.

However, while traditional search recruiting is better for scaling back the time it takes to track down viable candidates, it can be less so for your budget. Depending on who you partner with, there can be fees throughout that drive up your total Cost-Per-Hire for your recruiting drive, and if qualification is sacrificed for speed it means that your hiring ROI will be seriously impacted.

The Headhunting Challenge for Technology Startups

Betts has worked with 10,000 startups in the technology space and helped 50 reach unicorn status, and gained a ton of firsthand knowledge on the unique hardships in this part of the industry. Scaling headcount with growth and cost-efficiency is often an even more acute dilemma with venture capital-funded companies marching from Seed to Series A and beyond. If hiring methodologies are not optimized in these early stages, we generally see cost-effectiveness take a hit when teams continue to grow past the point where founders can micromanage recruiting themselves.

Betts Connect: One Hiring Platform for Sales and Marketing

Betts Connect is a proprietary hiring platform built on modern SaaS technology, and hosting the largest and most diverse collection of candidates for sales, marketing, customer success and operational roles. This talent pool is made up of pre-vetted job seekers and filtered for those who are actively looking for new opportunities, with AI-automated features enabling you to match open jobs with the right candidates quickly. Connect also integrates with popular ATS (applicant tracking systems) apps like Greenhouse and Lever, and your seat includes support access to the Betts CSM team.

Scale Talent Acquisition at a Lower Cost

Many companies rely on a mix of talent acquisition methods to ensure coverage, and unfortunately these all drive up Cost-Per-Hire without guaranteeing they will all produce ROI. Recruitment as a Service with Betts, though, gives you a consolidated approach to scaling your hiring process that gives consistent access to a network of candidates, recruiting support and all at a fraction of the price you would pay relying on traditional agency searches and job board postings.

Along with Connect, a RaaS subscription includes a dedicated Betts recruiter to provide end-to-end support year-round, and who will help you get the most out of your search. Instead of paying fees to every third-party involved in your talent acquisition mix for every candidate you find, you will receive all the service and resources you need to hire at scale and on-demand for one (much lower) cost.

Start Transforming Your Recruiting with RaaS

It is time to bring your recruiting operations into the future and take full advantage of what digital transformation has to offer with Recruitment as a Service by Betts. See how RaaS will allow you to make your hiring cycles scalable with your timeline and budget goals, and help you reach your next level of growth.

Contact Betts today to learn more about our Recruitment as a Service and rebuild your talent acquisition for the modern world.