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Betts Connect VS Indeed – Hiring Platform or Job Board

The Betts Team
November 9, 2023

When comparing Betts Connect versus Indeed, the most important question you must ask is whether you need a hiring platform or just a job board. Connect is a proprietary recruiting solution by Betts that is tailored for hiring sales, marketing and customer success (CX) professionals in the technology industry. at its core is a website for posting job listings, with various talent acquisition tools available to customers.

Indeed Hiring Platform & Job Board

In 2021, the Indeed Hiring Platform was launched to try to expand beyond job posting and add true recruit-tech capabilities. They have labeled this new solution a “matching and hiring platform,” and included new features for streamlining both candidate sourcing and interviewing. However, the core of the system is still based on the job board functionality – it is inextricably linked to the same job posting workflow and does not eliminate the limitations of that methodology.

Betts Connect vs Indeed

Indeed still retains the same downsides as a hiring platform for organizations that need to recruit at scale, especially in a market that is hyper-focused on attracting “unicorn” talent. Job search sites like often present obstacles for companies that do not have the luxury of predictable market trends and a consistent path to talent acquisition, such as SaaS startups. Connect was designed specifically for businesses that need a scalable and cost-effective solution to recruiting challenges.

Here are the top differences to consider when comparing Betts Connect versus Indeed:

Candidate Sourcing

Job posting websites like provide access to a huge volume of candidates, and allow employers to advertise to this expansive talent pool. However, this broadness is a double-edged sword that has plagued similar platforms like LinkedIn for nearly as long as they have been around. There is little qualified vetting that can be done in this type of open market, and it has led to frustration and often a sense of mistrust on both sides.

Indeed Hiring Platform was ostensibly created to provide a solution to this glaring issue and transform the job board into an actual recruiting system that could scale candidate sourcing. There remains another elephant in this room – not only is it still based on the same technology essentially, it still relies on the same methodology. In addition to postings and advertisements, users are able to hold “hiring events,” which are basically virtual job fairs. And like real job fairs, it still forces employers to be reactive when they are trying to uncover candidates with specific skill sets.

Betts Connect allows you to be more proactive, boosted by the close support delivered by our Customer Success and recruiting teams. The Betts network is the largest collection of go-to-market (GTM) job seekers in the technology space, all pre-vetted by our recruiters. These include those who have experience working as account executives (AEs), sales development representatives (SDRs), customer success managers (CSMs) and more, and all candidate profiles are tagged as Active or Passive to highlight who is open to fill in a new position immediately, saving time on your recruiting.

Technology Features

The capabilities of are rather superficial compared to competitors like Connect and LinkedIn. The top strength of job search websites is also their weakness – things are meant to be simple and stay simple. You post a job, and when the organic reach is not enough you pay to sponsor the posting. You get access to some basic analytics to be able to track engagement metrics, and for a subscription you are to view as many candidate resumes as you want.

Indeed Hiring Platform resolves at least part of this challenge by diving a little deeper into the pipeline, but still leaves gaps when it comes to sourcing an ideal candidate. Employers who pay for the added plan are able to screen and interview applicants directly from their system…and not much else. The biggest draw of this solution is that it automates engagement activities for companies that hire employees in bulk, which is probably great if all candidates for your open positions have no deviation in their background or certifications that could bypass the entire process.

Betts Connect is designed to automate much more intelligently than simplified job boards and half-way solutions. Sourcing algorithms are better organized by candidate KPIs (key performance indicators) and past titles for GTM roles, along with their job seeking status. Users can also reach out to candidates directly from within Connect and schedule interviews, similar to Indeed Hiring Platform.

Recruitment Scaling

One critical question is often overlooked when talking about recruiting software – will it help you at scale? Job boards like are at an inherent disadvantage when it comes to scalability, as you have probably guessed from the previous points. Simplified, broad-appeal features do not lend themselves to change naturally, which obviously will make it harder to adapt with the solution during growth or any other shift in conditions.

The launch of Indeed Hiring Platform has not alleviated this perpetual issue, and reviews reflect that users typically have to work around the problem themselves. This is common for most job search solutions and what will happen in virtually every case is that a company will have to bring in internal recruiters, a RPO (recruit process outsourcing) firm, or a recruiting agency such as Betts.

Connect was built to solve this exact challenge and provide a real solution for our SaaS clients when hiring for GTM positions. The platform is intended to be flexible to your needs and supplement your talent acquisition in the long term, whether you need to fill one position or 100, hire all candidates now or over time as your business grows and goals change. Additional features in Betts Connect – including AI-enhanced searches – also help you scale up the pace of recruiting when you need to find candidates faster.

Platform Cost

The attraction of job board websites like Indeed is the low upfront pricing, which will usually consist of paying to boost a job posting and acquiring any add-on products on itself. However, it is too easy for many organizations to overlook just how much they will spend per hire after needing to continually invest in the solution to get a ROI (though not necessarily a positive one).

Reviews of Indeed Hiring Platform point to mounting costs as one of the common pain points, including constant upselling to get more use out of the system. This is on top of the inevitable need to bring on recruiters, whether internal or outsourced, to actually manage the software. We have seen firsthand how many companies ended up throwing money into this process before they realized how expensive their Cost-Per-Hire became from inefficiencies that kept on growing.

Betts Connect charges a regular subscription but consolidates both core features and support into this cost. You can use your recruiting software at any time with any number of users, and your dedicated account CSM will meet with you regularly as part of your plan to ensure you get the most out of your solution. Users who take advantage of our new RaaS (Recruitment as a Service) offer will also have added recruiter support bundled into their account, reducing costs from having to contract RPO resources just to manage your hiring platform.

Betts Connect is the Top Hiring Platform for SaaS

Job boards like Indeed simply don’t cut it when you need to hire unicorn sales, marketing and CX candidates with the specific experience and skill sets your business needs to thrive and grow. Betts developed Connect using the knowledge gained from working with over 10,000 startups in the SaaS space, creating a solution that is optimized for scalable talent acquisition. Don’t just take our word – see it in action for yourself.
Contact Betts here and get a glimpse into how Connect works and see for yourself how you goldilocks your hiring with the right platform.