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Zendesk Will Hire 50 SDRs and AEs Through Betts Connect in 2022

The Betts Team
August 8, 2022

The Challenge

Finding the Right Candidates for the Job

  • Zendesk had goals of hiring over 100 AEs and SDRs in 2022.
  • After one month, they made only 1 hire.
  • Each recruiter was spending 20+ hours on LinkedIn to make just one hire.

“I always highly recommend Connect because of my experience. It is money well spent and absolutely worth it. Cannot say enough great things about the team at Betts.”

Paige Butler,
Senior Recruiter

The Betts Solution

Finding the Right Platform for the Job

  • Zendesk dramatically reduced their time to hire to one hour per hire using Connect
  • Using Connect, they saw interview rates around 40%.
  • To ensure they were able to close the large 50-hire gap, they purchased 250 introductions of Connect Just in Time Talent.