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Case Studies

Zendesk Will Hire 50 SDRs and AEs Through Betts Connect in 2022

The Challenge

Finding the Right Candidates for the Job

Zendesk had goals of hiring over 100 AEs and SDRs in 2022. One month into the year, they forecasted missing those goals by 50%, as the core recruiting organization was only armed with LinkedIn Recruiter.

This was due to the fact that each recruiter was spending 20+ hours on LinkedIn to make just one hire. That means on average, a recruiter spending 1/4th of their time on LinkedIn, could only hire 12 people a year. Each recruiter needed to hire more than 50.

With the agency model, companies employ multiple agencies to hire, which is costly and impossible to forecast. In contrast, the second model in which talent acquisition orgs scale using LinkedIn Recruiter, has high overhead and long lead times, due to the fact that so much time has been spent doing cold outreach with little understanding of candidate fit

The Betts Solution

Finding the Right Platform for the Job

Zendesk partnered with Betts to dramatically reduce their time to hire to one hour per hire using Connect. This is due to the quality and engagement of the candidates, with interview rates around 40%. The recruiters made 8 hires in one month on Connect. They were also able to find a crucial female ENT AE within the first 45 days on the platform, and she is now on track to close over $1.5M in 2022.

To ensure they were able to close the large 50-hire gap, they purchased 250 introductions of Connect Just in Time Talent. If Connect Self-Sourcing is the baseline for scaling, Just in Time Talent is how you accelerate without having to add overhead. It’s the first product that guarantees interviews.

With Connect Self Sourcing and Connect Just in Time Talent, Zendesk has already made 21 hires and is on track to make 50 hires in 1 year. This is the first economical, sustainable model for scaling sales teams

The Betts Team
August 8, 2022