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Case Studies

Red Points Hires 3 Enterprise SDRs With Betts Connect

The Betts Team
November 15, 2021

The Challenge

Red Points needed to hire multiple Enterprise SDRs, but they “didn’t” have the budget for a recruiting platform.

  • Red Points didn’t have a budget allocated for the upfront fee for Betts Connect.
  • They needed to hire several sales professionals.
  • However, they secured a pay-per-hire trial with Connect.

“The platform is a great sourcing tool for GTM roles; profiles are well built to give us a better idea of an employee’s metrics, client base, true job responsibilities, and salary expectations before we even talk to them.”


The Solution

Red Points hires 5 top sales professionals by simply reviewing profiles through Connect.

  • The Red Points team reviewed 60 vetted profiles and held 16 interviews in 2 months.
  • Red Points hired 3 enterprise SDRs and 2 additional sales professionals within 5 months on Connect.
  • They opened 3 new roles with help from the Betts CSM team.