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Case Studies

Upflow Saves $83K on Recruitment Costs Through Betts’ RaaS (Recruitment as a Service)

The Challenge

Upflow, an international fintech company, faced some hurdles as they attempted to expand their operations into the US. Their previous strategy involved relying on an internal recruiter based in France and collaborating with various European agencies, but these efforts were not the success they had hoped for. Upflow struggled to fill critical roles essential for their US expansion in the fintech industry. The company needed candidates with a unique combination of experience in both the SaaS and fintech sectors.

Additionally, Upflow’s hiring managers were based in different European countries—one in France and one in England—which added complexity to the recruitment process. They needed a partner with North American expertise and a deep understanding of both markets to bridge the gap. The challenge was compounded by the high demand for such specialized fintech talent, making it somewhat difficult to find the right candidates through their existing recruitment channels.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a more effective approach, Upflow turned to Betts Recruiting. Betts provided a comprehensive solution tailored to their unique challenges, leveraging their deep knowledge of the North American job market and extensive network in the fintech and SaaS sectors.

Betts had a proven track record of working with international companies making their initial hires in the US. At the start of their partnership, Upflow’s US headcount was under five, highlighting the critical need for efficient and effective recruitment. 

One of the key factors that set Betts apart was their specialization in Go-to-Market (GTM) roles with a large network in the fintech industry. This focus aligned perfectly with Upflow’s needs, unlike other agencies that were less specialized. Betts adeptly managed the different personalities and requirements of Upflow’s European hiring managers, ensuring a smooth and coordinated recruitment process.

Additionally, Upflow opted for Betts’ Recruitment-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, which allowed for unlimited hires for an annual fee. This approach not only streamlined the hiring process but also resulted in significant cost savings for Upflow. The CRO at Upflow, who had previously worked with Betts, was particularly impressed by Betts’ offerings and the strength of their candidate pool.

By partnering with Betts, Upflow was able to swiftly and effectively hire the key fintech-focused team they needed, navigating the complexities of the US market with confidence while saving money on recruitment costs.

The Betts Team
June 25, 2024