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Top Sales & Revenue Ops Compensation Trends in Tech for 2024

The Betts Team
February 21, 2024

Sales and Revenue Operations jobs are part of a handful of positions benefitting from the changes to tech compensation trends in 2024. While some other go-to-market (GTM) positions are still being scaled back or rehired slowly as inflation begins to slow down, recruiting for Sales Ops Managers and Rev Ops Managers is being prioritized across many startups due to the specialized natures of these roles.

Armed with insights from the latest edition of the Betts Compensation Guide, we will go over the most recent trends regarding salaries and other earnings information for Sales and Revenue Operations titles, as well as the top factors influencing their direction over the next year:

Sales and Revenue Operations Salary Trends for 2024

2022 to 2023 saw a lot of changes for the technology industry as the economy was hit hard by many different factors, causing inflation to rise and interest rates to follow. Venture capital funding availability for most tech startups shrunk, with hiring among those orgs soon to follow as the markets that SaaS companies sold into walked back from the digital transformation surge seen during 2020. However, while some jobs are still only trickling back to pre-pandemic importance – or have been deprioritized entirely – others like Revenue Operations Manager continue to see growing demand for recruitment.

The rise of Rev Ops as a priority function for startups in the technology sector is its own sign of where the industry is heading. Overall, our research shows that jobs with broad functions are being reevaluated and reorganized, while those that require significant experience or specialization are seeing a greater hiring prerogative – which means compensation is scaling up with demand.

Average Sales or Revenue Operations Manager Compensation

While salaries for many other GTM jobs usually varied a bit between locations, for Sales and Revenue Ops positions they remained mostly even across every time zone for 2024. However, experience was a much bigger factor in deciding final rates: Sales Operations Managers with more than 3 years of experience in the role could earn 30% – 40% more than those with less, while Revenue Operations Managers of over 3 years could earn up to 50% – 60% more.

Actual salary averages for less experienced Sales Ops Managers ranged from $90,000 – $130,000, while for those with more experience it ranged from $120,000 – $180,000. On-target earnings (OTE) usually averaged about 10% of base salary for both groups.

Average salaries for Revenue Ops Managers with less than 3 years of experience ranged from $100,000 – $160,000, while for those over 3 years it ranged from $150,000 to $235,000. OTE for the former reached up to 10% of base salary, while for the latter it averaged 20%.

Time ZoneNY / SFPacificMountainCentralEasternRemote
Salary | On-target EarningsBase | OTEBase | OTEBase | OTEBase | OTEBase | OTEBase | OTE
Sales Ops Manager (0-2 years)90k-140k | 10%90k-130k | 10%90k-130k | 10%90k-130k | 10%90k-130k | 10%90k-130k | 10%
Sales Ops Manager (3-5 years)120k-200k | 10%120k-180k | 10%120k-180k | 10%120k-180k | 10%120k-180k | 10%120k-180k | 10%
Rev Ops Manager (0-2 years)100k-160k | 10%100k-160k | 10%100k-150k | 10%100k-150k | 10%100k-160k | 10%100k-150k | 10%
Rev Ops Manager (3-5 years)150k-250k | 20%150k-250k | 20%150k-220k | 20%150k-220k | 20%150k-250k | 20%150k-220k | 20%

Top Trends Affecting Sales and Revenue Operation Compensation Rates

While compensation rates for Sales Operations Managers remained mostly steady from 2023 to 2024, we have observed a growth of around 5% year-over-year (YoY) in earnings for Rev Ops in recent years. This difference illustrates how scarcity, demand, and other factors are impacting recruitment for these roles, thereby driving salaries higher as it becomes increasingly difficult to scale hiring volume with the available talent pool for a given GTM job.

Continue reading below to learn more about which of these developments are influencing compensation trends for Sales and Revenue Operations Managers specifically:

Rise of Specialization in Tech Sales and Rev Ops

A top-level view of patterns emerging among SaaS startups over 2023 shows that in response to the economic troubles besetting the market internally and externally, most are focusing on optimizing what they already have – and know – and applying it to their sales motion at scale. One of the biggest hiring demands that emerged from this was an increased search for those who could contribute to sales cycles that were growing increasingly complex. This includes experienced Rev Ops Managers, who are being sought after for their data literacy and ability to track intricate sales metrics.

Key Differences for Sales Ops vs. Revenue Ops Managers

The compensation difference for Sales Operations Managers versus Revenue Operations as noted previously in this blog highlights the difference in prioritization between them. The higher OTE for the latter in particular reinforces the drive for more experienced candidates to fill this critical role, which includes performance bonuses and other incentives to attract top talent. At least part of this is due to Rev Ops still maturing as a practice compared to Sales Ops, which not only means that the candidate pool is much more limited, but also that new hires at earlier stage startups will be building out and defining the motion themselves.

The Growth of Revenue Operations in SaaS and its Impact

The points laid out previously make a clear case for why compensation will likely continue to rise for Revenue Operations Managers in tech startups for the immediate future. However, a trend that may be too easy to overlook is the greater impact the evolution of this role will have on the rest of the technology industry. As the SaaS space continues to reevaluate and restructure individual GTM motions, it is probable that we will see this position take on Sales Ops duties along with other functions, and eventually be merged as part of the pattern of consolidation we are seeing in various parts of the market.

The New Compensation Rules for Tech Hiring in 2024

With each year’s Betts Compensation Guide, we include recommended target compensation benchmarks to better align with the market rate for your ideal candidates. However, you should expect to make adjustments in 2024 based on all of the mitigating factors in the market. While these will primarily affect sales jobs, hiring for roles in higher demand like Rev Ops Managers will be increasingly competitive. For candidates that are currently employed we recommend bumping your target rate by up to 10%, while your rate can be decreased by 10% if a candidate has been laid off within the past few months.

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