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Betts Connect vs Hunt Club

The Betts Team
January 23, 2024

Betts Connect and the Hunt Club Search Platform are both recruitment software solutions that focus on sourcing candidates for go-to-market (GTM) roles such as sales and marketing. That is where the similarities end – Connect is a true hiring platform that uses modern technology to help you hire at scale, while Hunt Club’s solution is more of a crowdsourcing platform. 

Here are the top differences between Betts Connect and the Hunt Club Search Platform to help you choose your recruiting software:

Betts Connect vs Hunt Club Search Platform

A hiring platform is a broad(ish) term for recruit-tech that helps you source candidates with the intention to hire. Some solutions do more to help facilitate this, from collecting key performance metrics to allowing you to contact a candidate directly via their profile, but the universal characteristic that unites all in this category is the ability to connect your hiring managers with job seekers.

What separates systems like Betts Connect and Hunt Club Search Platform is how well they perform this function for the scope you need. This can be impacted by your industry, the jobs you need to fill, and what exactly top talent looks like for your organization and market. In all of these categories, Connect is the best solution for technology companies that need to hire experienced sales, marketing and customer success professionals at scale. 

Here are the top three ways Betts Connect outperforms Hunt Club as a hiring platform:

SaaS Hiring Platform vs Crowdsourcing Platform

Connect is a modern recruit-tech solution that provides access to a network of thousands of pre-vetted active job seekers with backgrounds in tech. It allows you to filter through the talent pool by key performance indicators (KPIs), including historical data like past quota benchmarks, largest deal size, and more. Additional AI tools allow for greater automation and help you scale up your recruiting search in the short term.

The Hunt Club Search Platform has some of the same features, but its biggest focus is on its “Network Recruiting” model, which is powered by crowdsourcing. Hunt Club will use a candidate’s network to connect with other potential job seekers – essentially a digitized version of a referral program. There are a ton of potential pitfalls with this approach, from the lack of scalability inherent in referrals to a guaranteed roadblock to diverse hiring – the chance that you’ll run into a hurdle is greater the more you get away from actual direct sourcing.

In contrast, Betts boasts a diverse network meticulously cultivated over 15 years. This network is established through referrals, thorough vetting by Betts-trained recruiters, and complemented by fractional recruiters. Betts ensures not only diversity but also the most robust network of Go-to-Market (GTM) tech candidates in North America

Built by Recruiters vs Esoteric Design

A cost factor that isn’t talked about enough is who exactly uses recruitment software after you pay for it? Many employers are trying to hire without internal talent acquisition teams in 2024, which means that either direct managers or outsourced recruiters are in charge of candidate sourcing.

Betts Connect was built to be flexible for all circumstances, whether it’s being used by an internal recruiter, embedded RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) firm, or a sales executive at an early stage startup looking to build their initial team. In contrast, the Hunt Club Search Platform only has one funneled approach which requires everything to work exactly as intended. 

Scalable ROI vs High-End Costs

Cost-Per-Hire (CPH) can become a runaway expense easily, between fees paid for recruiting solutions, referrals, RPOs, agencies, etc. That is why which resources you choose to invest in will have a considerable impact on your talent acquisition ROI, including the cost of ownership for your hiring platform.

Betts is committed to ensuring that our clients get the value they need out of Connect, which is why we’ve launched our Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model with consolidated pricing. For one subscription, you gain access to the Betts Connect hiring platform as well as dedicated recruiter support. Compare this to Hunt Club, which according to public reviews of their product charge a high-end premium for their service – including for their platform which you’ll need their support to use.

Betts Recruiting vs Hunt Club

When evaluating software provided by recruiters, it is crucial to consider not only the features but also how they operate as an agency. Understanding their operational approach is key to assessing the value they add to their services. This insight provides a comprehensive understanding of their focus areas, reliability, and reputation in performing their job.

When comparing Betts Recruiting and Hunt Club, look at the DNA that makes up our agencies:

Comparing History

Betts was founded in 2009 as an independent firm, while Hunt Club was launched in 2014 with venture capital funding. In the time since our founding, we have worked with over 10,000 startups in the SaaS sector to scale up their sales, marketing and customer success teams, while HC is still building their business with only a fraction of the client base. The Betts team has gained significant experience over our 15 year history, and we leverage our hard-won knowledge and veterancy when finding your perfect fit candidate for tech sales and other GTM roles.

Comparing Focus

Organizations in the tech space have their own unique requirements for top sales and marketing talent, which means that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ recruiting approach will run into significant challenges in this market. Betts is focused on the technology industry exclusively, whereas Hunt Club serves VC-funded startups in all areas. Both of our agencies specialize in sourcing GTM talent, but our experience makes our recruiters better suited to finding the unicorn candidates that SaaS companies are looking for. 

Betts Recruiting is Your Best Choice for Tech Sales Hiring

When it comes to hiring for go-to-market roles in tech, Betts Recruiting is your top choice among agencies, and Connect is your most scalable option for tracking down your unicorn candidates. Get in touch with our expert recruiters and see Connect in action for yourself, and discover how to reduce your Cost-Per-Hire with our Recruitment as a Service model.
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