Sales Jobs

A key component to the growth of your company is building out your sales team. Here you’ll find comprehensive overviews of some of the most important roles for organizations looking to build a high-performing sales engine.

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Understanding Key Sales Roles

For each role, you’ll get key qualifications, characteristics, success benchmarks, and telltale signs it’s time for your company to hire. Some common frustrations we hear from clients are the difficulties with hiring and scaling a quality sales team. Betts Recruiting leverages our extensive network of entry-level to senior-level professionals to fill these roles. Below are just a few of the sales roles we specialize in.

Sales Development

Sales Development Representatives are the crucial handoff point between Marketing and Sales. They may also be called Business Development Representatives, Inside Sales Representatives, Sales Associates, and more.

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Account Executive

Whether at the SMB, Mid-Market, or Enterprise level, Account Executives are the heart of a good sales team. Learn all about Account Executives here.

Customer Success & Account

Customer Success Managers and Account Managers are crucial post-sale resources. Similar titles include Implementation Manager, Renewals Manager, and more.

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