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  • Sales Recruiter
    MinetteHired at WePow
    I had an amazing experience working with this recruiting agency. I’m a recent college grad with little work experience and I was astounded with how quickly they were able to help find me a job! I couldn’t be happier!
  • Sales Recruiter
    Jordan NicholsEuclid
    Every company I met with through Betts had already been briefed on who I was, what my strengths and weaknesses were, and why I might be a good fit for them. Within 14 days flat of meeting my recruiter I had 2 (high paying) offers from great companies that were then competing for my services. I cannot overstate how quickly the process was after my initial meeting with my recruiter and how dedicated and responsive she was throughout the process.
  • Sales Recruiter
    Brendan BradleyAgility Recovery Solutions
    My recruiter was awesome! She went above and beyond any recruiter I have ever worked with and always provided me with timely and productive feedback. It was a pleasure working with her and I greatly appreciate all of her hard work and determination in helping me with my job search. Just goes to show you the type of person she is and how selfless and motivated she is.
  • Sales Recruiter
    Laura HammermanTapInfluence
    My recruiter was super energetic and positive throughout the entire process! She made me feel comfortable, and empathized with me each step of the way.
  • Sales Recruiter
    HilaryHired at MindTickle
    The whole process from job matching to interviewing to offers is very hands on, which was ideal for me since I didn’t have a ton of interview experience. I’ve now accepted an offer with a company I’m really excited about and without Betts wouldn’t have ever even known about!
  • Sales Recruiter
    AnanyaHired at Impact Radius
    Betts is seriously an amazing recruiting firm. Betts not only helped me find an amazing sales job, they found one that was the perfect fit for me. As a former recruiter, I can say Betts is a one of a kind recruiting agency.
  • Sales Recruiter
    AlexHired at Highmetric
    Even though I was switching gears and changing industries completely, Betts Recruiting looked beyond my resume and found the best way to present my previous experience to exciting and up-and-coming companies. I couldn’t be happier with my new sales career!
  • Sales Recruiter
    MarcusHired at Tintri
    This was my first time using a recruiting agency and it was above and beyond my expectations! I can’t say enough great things about my experience with Betts Recruiting!
  • Sales Recruiter
    JimHired at Trustpilot
    I truly enjoyed my experience working with Betts Recruiting. I highly recommend Betts to anyone who is looking for a new sales job in the tech world.
  • Sales Recruiter
    Chris R.Head of Customer Success
    I was tirelessly seeking a new position, and Matt Heiland happened to find me on LinkedIn. When I first spoke to Matt, I didn't get the feeling this was the same song and dance recruiting firm, where they're just looking to fill positions to satisfy quotas - they are legitimately interested in finding a quality position and fit, as it's obvious that it's their reputation as well as yours. I appreciated the countless hours we spent over the course of a month to review, prepare, and provide feedback on potential positions and interviews. By the end of my time working with Matt and the team, I was fortunate enough to have multiple positions that I could choose to pursue. I am recommending Matt and the team to anyone I know who wants help finding the next step in their career.

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