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Navigating the NY Tech Hiring Landscape in 2024

The Betts Team
April 29, 2024

If you are looking to hire for tech sales and marketing jobs in NY, you probably already have faced the complex challenges facing talent acquisition in 2024. A mix of factors have created a paradoxical market for technology companies in New York, caught between economic uncertainties and optimistic growth predictions that have thrown the usual status quo into a tailspin. Keep reading for tips on how to navigate the NY Tech hiring landscape in 2024.

Betts Recruiting is here to help you dive deeper into the latest trends with resources such as our 2024 Compensation Guide and illuminate what the tech hiring landscape will look like over the next year.

Compensation Rates for Tech Sales Jobs in NY

The technology industry has gone through considerable transformation from the start of the 2020 pandemic to today, with most SaaS companies scaling back on the volume of recruiting from 2023 to 2024 or freezing it entirely. However, we saw another emerging trend often hidden under these, where many tech firms switched from hiring for larger volumes of go-to-market (GTM) roles to focusing more on consolidating their talent acquisition around key candidates with experience and specialized skill sets.

Salaries for NY vs Other Locations

New York City and San Francisco typically outpace the rest of the U.S. when it comes to potential compensation for tech jobs, owing to their status as hubs for many startups and enterprises in the sector. Even while rates for most roles have remained stagnant in those cities just as they have in other locations, they are also still often the highest across the country for the same titles. The few exceptions are typically those already in high demand across the country, or for those where there is more room to negotiate the final range based on experience. 

Which Remote Tech Jobs Earn More?

A good indicator of the current hiring demand for a given title and how intense the competition is for the available talent pool is the salary listed for remote candidates. With the rise of hybrid or return-to-office (RTO) policies, working remotely for most GTM roles usually comes with an earnings decrease. However, sometimes this will be waived for roles in high demand and with smaller talent pools available, and for a select few jobs a candidate can earn the same average as onsite in NY while on a distributed team.

New Directions for Tech GTM Talent Acquisition

With many SaaS companies trending towards consolidation and a “doing more with less” mentality, we have seen hiring for roles such as Sales Development Representative (SDR), Customer Success Manager (CSM) and Account Executive (AE) become deprioritized to various degrees as tech recruiting shifts towards prioritizing jobs that require more experience and acquired skill sets. As one of the biggest markets for both technology startups and top GTM talent in the industry, naturally New York sees the highest rates for many of the most in-demand jobs, such as:

Enterprise Account Executives

Enterprise Account Executive (EAE) is a high-level sales role requiring significant experience, which must also include a proven track record of selling to executive titles at larger organizations. As the title implies, EAEs are valued for their ability to work with enterprise accounts, but more importantly their knowledge of what C-suite officers need to hear before buying are what truly make them a vital hire for technology startups looking to scale faster. 

Sales Engineers

GTM professionals with technical knowledge and experience with various solutions have always been in-demand for SaaS, including Sales Engineers (SEs). In 2024, however, these titles have become critical hires in the face of a growing need to communicate product information more intricately and quickly during sales engagement.

Revenue Operations Managers

Revenue Operations Manager is one of the few go-to-market titles in tech that has seen consistent salary growth year-over-year (YoY), owing in large part to the central role Sales and Rev Ops plays in capturing visibility into the pipeline. As a job that requires an excellent command of analytics and the ability to turn data from many avenues into actionable insights, the talent pool is often more limited.

Demand Generation Managers

SaaS companies have had to reevaluate their previous outreach strategies in 2024, and Demand Generation Managers are one of the key roles on the front lines of this pivot. Demand Gen marketers are being increasingly tasked with pursuing more Growth Marketing tactics, which is an emerging priority for many startups seeking new ways to scale revenue and hit their next round of funding.

Product Marketing Managers

Like Sales Engineers, Product Marketing Managers (PMMs) take technical solution knowledge and apply it to GTM campaigns, and similarly it also means they often command a much higher pay than a general Marketing Manager. Product marketers in New York not only reach the top of the salary band, however, but are also more likely to receive bonuses and other additional earnings compared to PMMs in other locations around the U.S.

General Tech Hiring Trends for 2024

While compensation rates for GTM jobs in NY give a good indication of where the technology industry is heading in 2024, there are several other trends impacting the market that we will also see emerging for New York startups. Here are the top developments to watch out for over the next year:

Paradoxical Recruiting Trends for Tech

Tech recruiting is in a state of contradiction – many enterprises like Google or Salesforce are freezing hiring for some jobs, laying others off, and yet still constantly adding to their workforces. This fits into the general shift we have seen across the industry where roles like SDR are being scaled back while organizations focus their efforts on finding a right fit candidate with the specific experience and skill set they need now.

2024 is the Year of the Unicorn Seller

As the above and many other points in this article indicate, nearly every technology company is seeking their “perfect fit” version of a GTM candidate, or in other words, their “unicorn seller.” This is a sales professional that aligns just right with your market as well as with your sales motion and culture, and can jump into the process right away without needing additional training or development. This follows with the “quality over quantity” trend we are seeing emerge for tech startup recruiting in 2024.

Standing Out in the New SaaS Market

Inflation and other economic factors mixed with the oversaturation of the SaaS market has led buyers to become more prudent and selective about their solution investments. This creates an even bigger challenge for orgs that need to stand out among competitors with similar products, which is why many are seeking a unicorn seller – or as close as they can get – to be able to engage these prospects more effectively.

Gen AI – The Game Changer?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you have undoubtedly been exposed to the new wave of artificial intelligence, Generative AI, which has already had a huge impact on the technology sector. Many SaaS companies are taking advantage of Gen AI to help scale prospect outreach and nurture, putting the future of certain GTM jobs into question. However, based on the current gaps of the technology and expert observations, it is likely that many firms will begin looking to hire candidates that have experience with artificial intelligence tools.

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