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Top Demand Generation Manager Compensation Trends in Tech for 2024

The Betts Team
March 29, 2024

Top Demand Generation Manager compensation trends in 2024 reflect the crossroads many tech companies are at with their marketing strategies and how many are trying to adapt to extenuating – and often unprecedented – circumstances. What we have found is that while salary growth is slowing down or has stagnated for most marketers in technology, candidates with a greater wealth of experience are seeing much higher rates as demand for their expertise increases.

The latest version of the Betts Compensation Guide dives into this and more regarding earnings for go-to-market (GTM) jobs in tech over the next year. This blog will cover what trends look like for Demand Generation marketing and how these factors are shaping the industry as a whole:

Hiring and Compensation Trends for Demand Generation in Tech

Tech marketing in 2024 is going through the latest of many iterations in the space, with the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath forcing SaaS companies to change direction more than once. This has left many startups scrambling to try new ways to gain prospect attention and stand out amongst the competition, including heavy adoption of Generative AI to scale up outreach activities faster. Yet tools alone are still not able to handle all of the complex data sets technology orgs are stuck with, which is why hiring experienced, knowledgeable Demand Generation Managers is a growing focus among many companies looking to build a truly scalable marketing strategy.

Demand gen is typically a function common in B2B tech markets, where it fulfills a multi-layered role that include a broad range of tasks from overseeing digital campaigns to organizing webinars and email outreach. Lead generation is an important aspect of this role, but it goes deeper than that – it is about cutting through the noise to put your value in front of prospects at the right time. Similarly, hiring the right fit marketer means determining what your unicorn candidate looks like and optimizing your talent acquisition process – including the compensation offer in your pitch – to attract the talent you need at the right time to boost your sales motion.

Demand Generation Manager Salary Data for 2024

The average salary for a Demand Generation Manager in the tech space ranged from about $120,000 – $150,000 across the U.S., although it varied according to location. The East and West Coasts saw the highest range at $130,000 – $170,000, while the lowest at $110,000 -$140,000 were either located in Central time zone cities or worked remotely. On-target earnings (OTE), or total possible annual income depending on bonuses, etc., was highly dependent on experience (DOE).

 NY / SFPacificMountainCentralEasternRemote
 Base | OTEBase | OTEBase | OTEBase | OTEBase | OTEBase | OTE
Content Marketing110-150100-14090-130100k-130100-140100-140
Demand Generation130-170 | DOE130-170 | DOE120-150 | DOE110-140 | DOE130-170 | DOE110-140 | DOE
Product Marketing150-200 | 160-220150-200 | 160-220140-180140-180150-200 | 160-220140-180
Event Marketing80-160 | 10%80-160 | 10%80-160 | 10%80-160 | 10%80-160 | 10%80-160 | 10%
All compensation is listed in thousands of $USD.

More Top Compensation Trends for Tech Marketing

The rising importance of Demand Generation is an indicator of the direction tech marketing is being steered into. Here are some of the top additional trends impacting compensation and hiring rates for Demand Gen marketers:

Growth Marketing vs Demand Generation

Growth Marketing is another growing (no pun intended) priority of SaaS startups in 2024, with many seeking experienced candidates with a background in leadership to jumpstart their programs. However, the potential talent pool of seasoned growth marketers is still too small to fill this burgeoning need, and so many of these responsibilities are being folded into Demand Gen activities.

Focus on Data-Driven Marketing

A big part of a Demand Generation marketer’s duties will revolve around working with data and turning it into actionable insights from which they will be able to leverage for executing campaigns. As tech marketing pivots around an uncertain economy and hesitant market base, candidates that know how to capture visibility into the right areas and use it to generate leads faster will become ever more valuable to SaaS companies.

Marketing Planning Direction

As the rise of Growth Marketing and increasing importance of data-driven lead gen indicate, most technology startups are urgently exploring new avenues for getting in front of the right prospects at the right time to buy. This in itself reflects an emerging need among tech orgs to redevelop – and sometimes overhaul – their marketing strategies. This is the biggest reason why many are actively seeking to hire more experienced marketers with the knowledge they need to redirect the course of their outreach.

Experienced Unicorn Marketers

For SaaS sales, recruitment in 2024 is focused on sourcing the right fit unicorn seller for the right time – for marketing roles like Demand Generation Managers, the drive is similarly centered around a specific type of unicorn marketer. The top emphasis is on experience, and for those more tenured professionals with more than 3 years’ worth, hiring managers should expect to increase compensation offers by up to 10% of the recommended target rate in the Betts Compensation Guide. 

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