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Lessons Sales Development Representatives Can Learn from Marketing

5 Lessons Sales Development Representatives Can Learn from Marketing

By The Betts Team / April 18, 2020
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One of the most important characteristics to have as a sales development representatives is a willingness to keep learning.

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Woman with coronavirus protection mask at train station

What We’re Seeing as the Business World Adapts to Coronavirus

By Nick O'Brien / April 16, 2020
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We’re now fully immersed in a new work and business landscape sparked by COVID-19. Some companies and professionals have adapted remarkably well. Others, not so much. But most are, on some level, still working to find their footing and keep moving forward.  Their efforts have been multi-faceted and varied – this is a lot more…

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Supporting remote employees after onboarding blog header

How to Support New Remote Employees Post-Onboarding

By Nick O'Brien / April 10, 2020
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There’s no shortage of guidance out there around remote onboarding. Even on this very site, we’ve shared lots of insight into how you can achieve a comprehensive, comfortable, and timely onboarding process without stepping foot in the same room as your new hire. With recent global events, this has become an essential concern for company…

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Shane Price remote onboarding blog header

Talking Remote Onboarding with Shane Price of Outreach

By Nick O'Brien / April 6, 2020
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If there’s one thing Shane Price wants you to know right now, it’s this: “Most of your anxiety around remote onboarding is unfounded.” Shane is Senior Sales Enablement Manager at Outreach, and one of the biggest parts of his job is handling the onboarding of new employees. This includes remote employees, which, as far as…

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Assessing Candidate Culture Fit? Ask These Interview Questions

By Koka Sexton / April 3, 2020
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An amazing resume, excellent recommendations and experience are all important when it comes to determining the long-term success of a candidate. But culture fit is also another thing that most companies consider when hiring new employees. Research shows that employees sharing essential qualities with the company and their colleagues perform better than others and end…

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How to Keep a Strong Company Culture When Your Team Goes Remote

By Nick O'Brien / March 27, 2020
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With companies shutting their offices and workers going remote during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders like you have been instrumental in clearing logistical obstacles to get your team back online. Your next challenge is to keep your company culture intact while staff are working outside their regular environment, as well as living in a way that’s…

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Woman with iPad in remote interview blog header

3 Tips for Interviewing Remote Candidates

By Nick O'Brien / March 25, 2020
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Maybe your hiring is chugging along. Maybe you’ve had to pause it until further notice. Whatever the case, there’s a strong chance that the next interview you have with a candidate will take place remotely. There’s also a strong chance that the role you’re interviewing them for will, itself, be remote.    It may be…

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Man looks at bulletin board, time-blocking blog header

4 Reasons Why Time Blocking Is Essential for Successful Sales People

By The Betts Team / March 19, 2020
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Successful sales people require more than just efficient time management skills. To maintain solid business relationships and continue to make more, successful sales people need to take full advantage of the workday. Many use a process called time blocking to ensure they’re making the best use of their time. Time blocking delineates chunks of time…

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Best practices for managing a remote workforce.

Best Practices for Managing a Remote Workforce.

By Koka Sexton / March 13, 2020
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With the rise of flexible schedules and advances in technology, remote teams have become a staple way of operating for businesses across a wide spectrum of industries.

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