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Betts Connect VS ZipRecruiter

The Betts Team
November 28, 2023

For comparing the hiring platform Betts Connect versus ZipRecruiter you must consider the key strengths of both. Job board sites are basic recruitment software tools that source broadly across the widest talent pool available, while solutions like Connect are designed to zero in on your top candidates using refined data and also allow you to engage directly with job seekers.

Here are the top factors to look at when comparing Betts Connect and ZipRecruiter:

Job Board Sites like ZipRecruiter

The most important thing to note about job search engine sites like ZipRecruiter is that they are not end-to-end recruiting systems. Like before it, it is first and foremost an aggregate of job listings and offers few other features beyond that. Even more advanced solutions like LinkedIn that do have some of the capabilities of a true hiring platform are usually still under-equipped in many areas. 

These drawbacks create obstacles to scaling your talent acquisition and inevitably drive up your Cost-Per-Hire. To get the most out of your technology – especially for recruitment – you need to look clearly at the ROI over time. This is impacted by more than just the upfront pricing and will include whether your recruit-tech connects you to the candidates you are actually looking for and what you have to spend to get there.


Every job board and hiring platform out there today claims to have cutting-edge features, namely artificial intelligence and maybe machine learning tools. ZipRecruiter is included in this list, advertising that their job and candidate profiles search algorithms are being improved by AI. Even with this technology in place, however, users still complain about the poor quality of the results searches return.

Additionally, the top criticism ZipRecruiter faces in objective reviews is that its features are nothing stellar. It’s seen as a low-cost entryway into sourcing jobs and candidates, and a lot of user feedback invokes the infamous adage, “you get what you pay for.”

Betts Connect is both powered by a modern technology platform and tailor-made for SaaS companies, with features that are designed to scale with the hiring demands of the industry. Candidate profiles are categorized according to sales KPIs (key performance indicators), experience, job seeking status and other organized metrics that can be filtered to narrow down your search. An AI toolset also allows you to match your job description with candidates who meet your requirements faster.


Total cost is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing recruitment software, yet many employers will still end up overpaying for a job board or hiring platform over time. A lot of these solutions have cheaper upfront pricing, but often introduce additional costs due to inefficiencies (on top of hidden fees). Since job search engine websites play in the shallow end of the sea that is recruit-tech, everything that they don’t do for your talent acquisition, your team will still have to do.

ZipRecruiter has a range of prices according to which plan you choose, as well as the number of job listings you post: 

  • Standard – $16/day or $299/month per job
  • Premium – $24/day or $419/month per job
  • Pro – $719/month per job

If you do the math, you can already see that these costs can add up if it takes longer than a few months to source a right fit candidate, if you have to fill multiple positions or both. However, it becomes much worse when you factor in additional expenses that will contribute to Cost-Per-Hire, namely bringing on recruiters. Even if you eschew internal talent acquisition and outsource to a recruiting agency or RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) firm, you’re still on the hook paying for both sets of fees so the actual cost is much higher than just paying for ZipRecruiter alone.

As a hiring platform built by recruiters, Betts Connect is designed to provide a more cost-effective solution to traditional talent acquisition. Connect handles more of your recruitment and onboarding processes than a simple job search website can, consolidating the total cost of ownership (TCO) to what you would pay for bringing on a recruiting agency. Users who take advantage of the Betts RaaS (Recruitment as a Service) offer will further condense their investment with the inclusion of recruiter support for their account.


When working with job board search engine sites, support is not a guaranteed factor. While some like Indeed do have customer service resources on-demand and can escalate requests, ZipRecruiter is more ‘set and forget’ – you are on your own for the most part. This will inevitably create the need to outsource usage to a recruiting agency or RPO firm, or hire someone full-time just to use your job search site.

Every Betts Connect account features a dedicated customer success manager (CSM) who will meet with your team regularly to discuss usage, troubleshoot issues that pop up and help you get the best return from your hiring platform investment. Additionally, you gain access to Betts recruiters who will leverage Connect’s functionality to source and connect you with top candidates. Those who engage with our Recruitment as a Service approach will have recruiter support consolidated with their account as an additional value-added service.


Job boards by themselves are rarely able to help you scale your talent acquisition, and for an industry such as technology where the top candidates are those that have more experience and technical knowledge than the average job seeker in other sectors, roadblocks are inevitable. ZipRecruiter is not scalable as a recruitment software solution by itself, which means more costs and more work will be needed to get results in your recruiting search.

Betts Connect was built with scalability in mind, and as a hiring platform it enables you to meet your targets whether you need to hire one new employee or 100. The features, service value and cost of Connect are all tailored around the shifting talent acquisition demands that SaaS companies face, as well as the need of many in this industry to be flexible for changing market developments.

Candidate Quality

Broad job search sites introduce a “catch-22” dilemma for candidate sourcing – you’ll have access to millions upon millions of job seekers, which often makes it that much harder to find exactly who you’re looking for. User feedback as well as professional reviews of ZipRecruiter highlight its strength in finding a broad range of entry-level candidates, which of course is the opposite of what most SaaS companies are going to be looking for in 2024.

Betts Connect taps into our own network cultivated from nearly 15 years working with employers and job seekers as a recruiting agency. Every candidate on our platform has been pre-vetted by our team and each profile is organized by past roles, responsibilities, experience backed by KPIs, and whether they are active job seekers or passively searching for new opportunities.

Don’t Settle for a Job Board When You Can Connect with Betts

Technology companies looking to hire their ideal “unicorn” candidates for go-to-market (GTM) positions are not going to find them on a job board like ZipRecruiter. Betts Connect saves you time, money and headaches when it comes to tracking down your right fit hires for sales, marketing and customer success roles at all levels. Don’t just take our word – sign up for a demonstration and see for yourself how Connect solves your talent acquisition challenges.

Contact Betts today to see a demo of Connect and start uncovering your unicorn GTM candidates in tech.