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People Operations Job Descriptions

No matter what a company does and who their customers are, they always need a team of professionals to ensure that things run well internally. That's where the People Operations team comes in. These employees shoulder a range of responsibilities, from handling benefits, to growing the staff, to keeping things smooth around the office, and beyond. Take a look at the same People Operations job descriptions below.

People Ops Roles

Office Manager

Office Managers are essential to onboarding new staff, receiving visitors, ensuring supplies are stocked, and lots more.

Executive Assistant

Reporting directly to the CEO or other member of the ELT, Executive Assistants are responsible for a lot of planning and management.

HR Generalist

From administering training, to benefits, to interactions among the staff, HR professionals have a lot on their plate.


As companies grow, filling open headcount can become a challenge. That's where recruiters come in.

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