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4 Guidelines for Managing a Sales Team

By tim / August 8, 2016
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As a Sales Leader, you become the manager of a team of employees. Although every manager is different, there are a few guidelines for managing a sales team that remain consistent for all great managers. As a Sales Leader, following these four standards will help you encourage your employees to be the best they can…

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The Most Important Attributes of a Successful Salesperson (4)

The Most Important Attributes of a Successful Salesperson

By Quinn McLaughlin / July 5, 2016
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Although sales people can come from all backgrounds and have countless methods of selling, there are some characteristics that remain true for anyone successful in the industry. If you’re considering a career in sales, especially in this booming tech scene, see if you’ve got the attributes of a successful salesperson. Extroversion Salespeople have to have…

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Young Professional Thought Leader Betts Recruiting

Start Writing: Branding Yourself as a Thought Leader

By MattTamasi / April 14, 2016
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Thought leader. Industry expert. Influencer. Branding Yourself. As a young professional in the tech industry, these are words I encounter daily. Whether it’s through drip emails, LinkedIn posts, newsletters or tweets; I am flooded with content authored by people who strive to embody these personas. For those in the sales community, it is advantageous to…

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