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6 Habits of Successful Sales People

The Betts Team
October 17, 2016

Successful sales people have a lot in common. Regardless of industry or product, they are driven by the same behaviors. Follow the six habits of successful sales people below and convert leads to deals faster!

Commit to Time Blocking

Time management is a skill commonly thrown around at the workplace. When it comes to sales, though, it can be challenging to know exactly what takes priority and when. Truly successful sales people follow the extra steps of time blocking to focus their attention on what matters during the day-to-day. By giving yourself enough time to tackle a project, instead of juggling multiple things at a time, you’ll be able to complete tasks and check them off. The more you outline what you’re going to get accomplished throughout the day, the easier it is to hold yourself accountable.

Make Closing Calls First Thing

When it comes to sales, making a sale should be top priority. Although it might be easier to knock out a few emails, check the news, and catch up on what you’re behind on, don’t fall victim to pushing off the most important aspect of your job. Always make calls relating to sales first thing. You’ll be more alert, more energetic, and will give yourself more time to work through any hesitations. Calling first thing will also demonstrate to your potential client how important they are to you. Prioritising fruitful relationships ahead of your daily tasks will make you a much more successful sales person.

Forecast Properly

Sales people have to learn to manage their pipeline. This means understanding the different potential deals and clients they have coming in the future. If you aren’t able to forecast this properly, you could end up spending time on prospects that aren’t close to closing, and ignore other consumers that offer greater possibilities. Learn how to judge your different opportunities properly. Ask seasoned team members for guidance and familiarise yourself with the different aspects of a sales funnel. As a sales person, you have to deal with countless potential customers. Prioritising is key, beyond just time management.

Stay Proactive

Don’t drop the ball once you’ve made your first major sale. The most successful sales people are constantly looking for what they can do next. Sales people are naturally competitive. Take your drive and apply it to bettering your customer relations and their experience. Ensuring the sales process is easy and smooth can help convert more leads into deals. Knowing what your customer needs before they ask demonstrates your commitment to finding the best solution for them.

Maintain Dedication

Sales takes speed. You have to truly commit to being successful. This means you have to put in the extra time when needed, find the best ways to reach people, and work through any complications that arise. You have to approach every new lead with the same persistence as the last. Successful sales people are dedicated to their company, their product, and the benefits they bring to clients.

Stay Human

Lastly, the most successful sales people are the most personal. Avoid reading from a script and make sure you’re always listening to the consumer. Recognise the individual needs and drivers of each person you talk to. Don’t dive into a pitch that holds no bearing to what your client is looking for. Show that you value their time by tailoring your discussion to what matters to them. By staying compassionate and truly wanting to understand your potential clients, you will generate better relationships that will result in greater long-term success.