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How to Earn a Sales Job Promotion

The Betts Team
October 17, 2016

When thinking about career progression, trying to earn a sales job promotion may seem like just a numbers game. Actually, a sales job promotion depends on multiple factors. If you want to be a sales leader, you’ll need to demonstrate individual success in addition to contributions that benefit team members and the company as a whole. Below are four ways you can set yourself on the right path to a sales leadership role.

Work Harder

Although it may seem obvious, working more means you’re going to get more out of your job. Don’t waste your time on mundane tasks, but your efforts beyond what the average employee’s will set you apart in the eyes of a hiring manager. Leaders are people who go above and beyond what is asked of them. Keep track of your metrics and aim to consistently demonstrate growth. Set big goals for yourself, stretch your abilities, and encourage your teammates to up the average as well. These types of actions demonstrate that you are an asset to the company and will continue to be with more responsibility.

Mentor Teammates

A sales job promotion also takes into account how well you work with a team. Can you handle other personalities? Do you add benefit to other employee’s pipelines? Although Sales is fueled by individual contributions, being able to inspire and better others makes you an ideal candidate for advancement. If you are able to not only be a top performer but also help other revenue-generators meet quota, you are going above and beyond. Start writing playbooks and outlining tips for success. These materials are great collateral to bring in front of a hiring manager when under consideration for a promotion.

Think Creatively

Sales leaders not only excel at established sales practices, they also are constantly looking for innovation. In your day-to-day, make sure to think about the processes you are following. How can you help making prospecting more fruitful? Can you speed up the process? Is there a better way to track this data? Bringing more to the table than just deals can get you on track for a promotion. Think about the sales team as a whole and strategize the best ways to utilize each individual’s skillset. Taking a big picture approach and making a difference gets noticed quickly by hiring managers and executives.

Be Genuine

Above all, caring about your organization and your clients is directly correlated to your sales metrics. If you believe in your product and its benefits, you are an ideal candidate to move up in management. The best employees are those that spread passion about the organization. If you aren’t in love with the company you’re currently with, make a switch before thinking about a promotion. If you are going to be a champion of an organization, you genuinely should want to make the company a better and more successful place.