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The 4 Hottest Tech Sales and Marketing Jobs

The 4 Hottest Tech Sales and Marketing Jobs

The Betts Team
August 22, 2016

At Betts Recruiting, we are constantly looking for top talent to fill marketing and tech sales positions at some of the world’s most innovative companies. Below are the 4 hottest tech sales and marketing jobs that we are always looking to find the right fit for. High quality candidates are always in demand for these positions. If you think your background fits one of these positions, or you want to get on a career path toward these roles, connect with a recruiter!

#1. Sales Development Representative

The Sales Development Representative (SDR) is a highly in-demand role across the tech startup scene. These salespeople are the basis of a startup’s sales. An SDR focuses on inside sales through outbound prospecting. They are responsible for educating potential clients about the benefits of a product and moving them into the company’s sales pipeline. SDRs make up the front end of the sales cycle and are vital for startups looking to rapidly sell their product to generate funding. The SDR role is open to anyone, including new graduates, who are looking to break into the tech sales industry. This sales position is ideal for someone who is hard-working and looking to move up quickly in the sales world.

#2. Enterprise Sales Representative

Enterprise Sales Representatives deal with sales on a much larger scale. In these tech sales positions, the sales target larger organizations, looking to implement a product or service across a company, and often have longer sales cycles. Enterprise Sales Representatives sell to C-level executives and handle all of the presenting, negotiation and closing. Most Enterprise Sales Representatives have prior mid-market sales experience. Above all, this role requires someone who is ambitious, resilient, and dedicated. Although the process may seem arduous, enterprise sales deals with high-level decision makers that can make or break a startup. For more information about enterprise sales, click here to read our recap of our recent event, “Navigating the World of Enterprise Sales.”

#3. Demand Gen Marketer

A Demand Generation Marketer helps a company’s brand reach potential consumers. These marketers are focused on creating and nurturing prospect and customer relationships over the long term. Beyond PR, new product features, and promotions, a Demand Gen Marketer focuses on individual potential clients. They are responsible for interactions on social media, creating eBooks, and hosting webinars. They work to not only spread brand awareness, but more important, bring in leads to the tech sales team. The Demand Generation Marketer helps guide prospects through the conversion tunnel.

#4. Sales Engineer

Sales engineering is a new sales position that has become popular at nearly every major tech company. The position combines both technical skills and people skills. A sales engineer acts as sales spokesperson for the product itself. They have intimate knowledge of the software, its code, and its overall architecture as well as have researched the current tech market. They can answer in-depth questions about potential issues the software may have, product integration, and planned updates down the line. This tech sales position is keystone for many tech startups that need to communicate how their intangible product will have tangible benefits for their clients. The ideal Sales Engineer has a technical background but can articulate the product with ease allowing potential clients to fully understand the product’s benefits.

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