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The 3 Most Common Tech Sales Interview Questions (And How to Answer Them)

The Betts Team
September 8, 2016

When it comes to tech sales interview questions, most hiring managers move away from discussing your resume in general, and instead try to asked pointed questions to identify sales experience. Even though the questions may seem obvious, there are many different ways to answer them. Below are three of the most common tech sales interview questions, why a hiring manager asks them, and the best points to hit when answering them.

Walk me through a deal from prospecting to closing.

Hiring managers need closers. The easiest way to identify if you are a closer is to look at your sales process. Do you offer unique sourcing ideas? How do you create urgency? Can you overcome objections? Before going in to a tech sales interview, make sure you are able to speak to how you make a sale. Have concrete examples for each aspect of your process so you can demonstrate actual experience working through every obstacle. If a hiring manager can see from your outlined process that you are comfortable with a sales pipeline, know how to interact with potential clients, and are able to turn prospects into deals, you can establish your qualifications for the sales position.

Why do you want to work for us instead of them?

Hiring managers want to know if you have a passion for their product. Have you done your research? Do you understand the company’s culture? Are you ready to make a move if a sales position is offered to you? If you don’t love a company’s service or product, then you shouldn’t take the interview. Practice explaining the company’s product to a friend. Are you excited to talk about it? Do you think it’s innovative and unique? If yes, then explain why to the hiring manager. Referencing competitors also allows hiring managers to see if you’re familiar with the greater industry. If you can tie in how the product or service is situated in its market and use its positioning as an additional reason for choosing their company over another, you can show a hiring manager you’re savvy to the scene, but want to work with the best product available.

Why should we hire you?

Although it may seem unconventional to brag in an interview, when it comes to sales, you need to be able to sell anything including yourself. Speak to a hiring manager’s needs and wants. Focus on how you can add value to their company. How can you find and break in new accounts? What resources, such as contacts or market experience, do you have to your advantage? Why is your past experience the best background for the position? With the growing popularity of the tech sales scene, hiring managers have an ever-growing talent pool to choose from. Your ability to sell yourself is one of the few ways you can set yourself apart from a pile of resumes. Crafting an elevator pitch for a hiring manager on why you’re the right fit should be part of any sales interview preparation.

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