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Pros of Working at a Startup Tech Company (1)

Pros of Working in Startup Tech Sales

The Betts Team
May 30, 2017

Working in startup tech sales has great advantages for early stage job seekers. If you’re considering applying to a startup tech company’s sales team, we’ve outlined four of the major pros of working in the startup community and tech industry. For opportunities in startup tech sales available now, connect with a recruiter today!


When it comes to startups, one of the most widespread descriptions is fast. Everything in the startup world is always on the move. What this means for job seekers is that startups offer a much faster path to actually getting to do work. While larger more founded companies have more established growth paths laid out, startups often offer sales positions that are much more free form. When working at a startup, employees are encouraged to take on more responsibility and delve into other departments that interest them. Instead of spending three weeks just getting coffee, startups put new employees to work immediately, utilising their full potential. You can literally get hired at a startup tech company and start making sales the following day.


Immediate responsibility also means fast growth. The quicker you are able to demonstrate your ability to excel at a position, the faster you are able to move up. Startups often see rapid promotion succession and constantly changing organisational charts. This is due again to the fluidity of job outlines and the encouragement to explore other areas. Because startups are leaner companies, they place an emphasis on making sure they are employing a person in the area where they can be most useful, regardless of pre-ordained professional experience requirements. At a startup, work rather than length of experience drives career growth. Startup tech sales also offers multiple directions for growth, broadening the career path an employee can take.


Additionally, startups don’t shy away from new technological innovation. Often, they are at the center of it themselves. When you join a startup, archaic processes or long-established ways of doing things doesn’t rule you. Instead, you work closely with your manager and team to find the best tools and best methods to achieve success. You value speed and efficiency when it comes to the systems you use and aren’t afraid of upgraded. Startups also have an advantage over older companies as their entire foundation has begun on the cloud. While other organisations have had to play catch up and often have missing holes in their data due to poor bookkeeping, startups have all of their data ready for use immediately. Startups are the ideal place for a job seeker looking to work on the cutting edge of tech and make products that continue to change industries.


Of course, a major draw for startups is their compensation packets and perks. Companies are putting more and more emphasis on valuing individual employees and creating workplaces that are more comfortable. Startups offer flexible vacation plays, large salary bases, and work environments that stress a highly active and fun culture. Finding a company whose product and mission that aligns with yours is one thing, finding a company that has that as well as company lunches every day and a ping-pong table is even better. Startups are great work environments for employees who don’t want to be constricted to work hours or professional atmospheres.


Lastly, startups are great for networking. Working at a startup gives you ample opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, up-and-coming founders, and other employees that can serve as mentors. The startup world is small and constantly shifting so breaking in can be a great way to advance your career. Even though startups usually see high job turnover, each provides immense experience in different ways to promote and sell a product. This experience is invaluable to the next company you join that is looking for the best means to launch their company. If you get a job at a startup, take full advantage of the huge network the industry offers and seriously get a jump start on your career!