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How to Sell Technical Products in 5 Steps

The Betts Team
August 22, 2018

One of the biggest challenges in a technical sales position people face today is mastering how to sell technical products in an ever-complicated landscape. Whether you’re trying to sell a high-tech product to a low-tech prospect or you’re simply trying to cut through all the noise and get your product some real attention with that busy B2B buyer, the struggle is real when selling a technical product.


These days, cold calls and unsolicited emails simply won’t cut it. You’ll either lose your audience or you’ll end up getting lost in the shuffle. So, what’s the secret? Here’s what successful technical salespeople are doing.


Put yourself in their shoes.


The most effective sales techniques are those that genuinely connect with the customer. When you put yourself in their shoes and tell the story from their perspective, you’ll be far more likely to capture their attention and sway them in your direction. This can be particularly challenging with a technical product because it often requires you to overcome “status quo bias.” To really win people over, you have to demonstrate why your product can solve their problem far better than what they’re doing now. Do so and you’ll win them over.


Always have documentation.


Everyone’s made the mistake of spending too much on a technical product only to find out it’s far too complicated or confusing from which to extract any real benefit. Wasting time and money like this can make your prospects gun-shy about investing in something new. Thankfully, you can overcome this concern by offering well-indexed, hyperlink-laden, example-filled documentation right up front. In other words, make it clear as day that they won’t have to struggle to use your product.


Do your homework.


A thoughtful email that makes a personal connection and conveys that you can relate to your prospect’s needs is far more effective than a cold call any day. Accomplishing this, however, takes time and effort. You have to do your homework. Download the company’s app. Check out your prospect’s LinkedIn profile. Research the company to identify a real-life problem for which you can position your product as the solution. In other words, don’t just throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and hope something sticks. Start building that relationship right from the start.


Be transparent with pricing.


This can feel uncomfortable and, sure, it may scare some people away before you have a chance to woo them, but think about it. If someone is so price-averse that they’re not willing to at least consider what you’ve got to offer, chances are slim that they’d have converted in the first place. Weeding them out early saves you time and aggravation. Be upfront and forthcoming about your pricing. If your product is worth it, you shouldn’t be ashamed to share how much it costs.


Let them try it.


Last, but certainly not least, if you want to really wow your prospects and win them over, you have to give them a substantial taste of what you have to offer. Simply explaining the benefits and touting the features won’t suffice. They need to experience those features and benefits for themselves in order to be convinced that they do, in fact, need your product. Again, if your product is worth it, giving a free trial should be a no-brainer.


A technical sales position can be challenging, but with the right approach, it might be easier than you think. Try incorporating the above tactics into your sales strategy and watch as your results begin to improve.