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How to be Successful in Sales within 90 Days

How to be Successful in Sales within 90 Days

The Betts Team
January 30, 2014

The first 90 days of a new job in sales are going to be very challenging and demanding, but also a lot of fun if you set yourself up for success.

I would recommend before starting any sales position putting together a 90 day plan. There are many ways that you can put this plan together, but I would focus on what actions you need to accomplish every day and every week to set yourself up for the best results in the short run.

Break down how you will spend your first DAY, WEEK, MONTH, and QUARTER. Here as an example of how I would begin to approach my plan:

 Week 1

  • Spend time on learning the product and who are most successful customers.
  • Shadow top rep’s for a couple of hours and take one out to lunch/coffee to pick their brain.
  • Build call list of potential prospects you would want to go after.
  • Role play with co-works and friends at home to learn your style of sales.
  • Get on the phone and start calling! Start with 10 calls a day to get things going.
  • Learn best practices from other reps in the office. How do these rep’s manager there day?

Week 2

  • Target- 40 calls a day.
  • (Depending on the product, and the company) Try and make first sale.
  • Spend an hour listening to more seasoned rep’s.
  • Add to pipeline of dream candidates.
  • Learn how to use CRM.

You can break your plan out by week which is how I do it, or day or month. Each week I am going to have tasks that I want to accomplish, this will help you succeed in your first 90 days in sales having a plan of action.

Even if the company you are going to work for has a designated training program, layout by yourself what you want to learn outside of the program.

Sales is all about materializing your success and making sure you never let anything fall through the cracks, and a plan will help you do this. If you’re interviewing for a sales position, a plan might be that one extra push to get you that offer.