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5 Interview Prep Tips for Hiring Great Talent

By Nick O'Brien / February 10, 2020
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So you’re growing your team. Congratulations! Soon, it will be time to vet candidates in an interview process that will determine the best person for the role. Interviews are vitally important, but by their nature, they’re time-consuming and can also be frustrating – especially when the process drags on. These 5 interview prep tips can…

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Corporate Bro shows you how not to interview - blog header

Corporate Bro Shows You What Bombing a Job Interview Looks Like

By Nick O'Brien / February 7, 2020
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Sometimes you need to learn by demonstration – and few social media accounts have such entertaining demonstrations of life in the sales profession than that of our friend Corporate Bro.   If you’ve ever taken a creative writing class, you’re probably familiar with the principle of “show, don’t tell.” If you want readers to understand…

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Betts Recruiting 2020 Compensation Guide

The Wait Is Over: Our 2020 Compensation Guide Is Here!

By The Betts Team / February 5, 2020
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Question: what does a recent college grad looking for his first sales role have in common with a CEO working to build her executive team? Answer: they’ve got money on the brain. Whatever your position in the workforce, having a solid grasp of current compensation standards in your space is a key ingredient to success.…

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Betts Connect User Spotlight: Josh Humbert on Interview Skills, Promotions, and Being Selective

By Nick O'Brien / January 31, 2020
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If we had to think of one sentence that sums up Josh Humbert’s advice for young sales professionals, it would be: Don’t be afraid to have high standards.    Josh is a Business Development Representative (BDR) at DialogTech, a Chicago-based MarTech platform, where he works enterprise accounts in financial services, travel, healthcare, and other industries.…

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Live on Sales Hacker: Perfecting the Sales Interview

By Nick O'Brien / January 30, 2020
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The people in our professional network know us for our work matching talented professionals to top companies. No surprise there. But the mechanics of recruiting is just part of it. When you take a step back, the essence of our job is to help companies succeed, and help professionals meet their career goals. We don’t…

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Jack Dorsey interview blog header Betts Recruiting

Would You Pass a Job Interview With Jack Dorsey?

By Nick O'Brien / January 22, 2020
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Do you ever get nervous during an interview?   Everyone does!   It’s nerve-racking stuff, especially if it’s your first time. But what if we took things up a notch – what if I tell you that your interviewer is Jack Dorsey?   He’s the co-founder of Twitter and has a net worth of $4.4…

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Winning Before You Start: How to Prepare for a Job Interview

By Nick O'Brien / January 16, 2020
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Your email has a gift in it: After days of waiting, there’s a reply about the job you really want. You take a deep breath, cross your fingers and open it… it’s an interview invitation. You made the cut – congrats! Now it’s time to prepare for the job interview process. A job interview is…

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Tony Robbins blog header Betts Recruiting

What Tony Robbins’ Personal Routine Can Teach You about Sales

By Nick O'Brien / January 13, 2020
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He’s the nation’s leading life coach. He’s the author of a slew of books, his seminars and events tour all across the country, and his quotes are all over the internet and, probably, a good number of inspirational coffee mugs. He’s Tony Robbins, and between his coaching and his own personal net worth, he’s become…

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Long Weekends, and Other Things to Be Thankful For

By The Betts Team / November 26, 2019
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Listen: Can you hear that? Could it be…yes, it is! It’s the sound of someone arguing with their cousin over the best stuffing recipe!   Thanksgiving 2019 is almost here, and as we get ready to load up on pumpkin pie and watch shivering reporters cover the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, let’s not forget what…

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Brandon Evans photo for Betts Recruiting

Betts Spotlight: Brandon Evans on the SaaS Sales Model, Key Skills for SDRs, and More

By The Betts Team / November 20, 2019
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Brandon Evans is controlling his own destiny. A little over a year ago, he partnered with Betts to help get his foot in the door of the SaaS industry and forge his way into New York City. Now he’s a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at, a SaaS platform for social media listening, engaging, publishing,…

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