Best Resume Format for Sales Positions

best resume format sales jobs

Writing a resume can be a daunting task. Boiling down your professional experience into one page is challenging, as well as representing all the different skills you’ve learned from just one position. At Betts Recruiting we work with a lot of job seekers on how to best present themselves in their search. Below, we’ve developed a template and written out some tips for the best resume format for a sales position.




Tips for the best resume format


1. Pick a legible font


Getting too creative with your resume can affect how much of it a hiring manager will read.


2. Keep your information up-to-date


Don’t forget to update titles, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.


3. Don’t shy away from italics and bold


Use these easy methods to keep your resume organized.


4. Aim for brevity 


Hiring managers have to read tons of resumes so keep yours to one page to ensure it gets read.


5. Don’t leave unnecessary white space


Utilize the entire page. There are always ways to mess with line spacing and borders to make your resume look full.


6. Focus your information


Don’t use the same resume for sales and marketing. Take out any unnecessary information that doesn’t affect the position you are applying for.


7. Check for visual or spatial errors


Line up your bullet points and make sure your dashes are the same length to avoid any sloppy errors.


8. Spell check your resume 


Spelling mistakes are immediate indicators to hiring managers of a lack of attention to detail.


9. PDF it


Don’t send your resume in an editable form as this can mess up spacing or text in the transfer.


10. Print it on nice paper 


Print your resume on resume paper — you only have one paper to represent your professional background, make sure it is on nice paper.