Sales Positions

Sales positions are unique to bridge the gap between the potential client’s needs and the product or service the company offers. Luckily, at Betts Recruiting, this is our bread and butter. If you’re looking for a sales position, or want to advance your career by working for a fast-growing company, Betts has your back. We’ve placed the most talented sales professionals at some of the hottest companies in the world.

Work in Sales

Sales Positions

A major share of the professionals we place in sales positions stay in their roles long-term and get promoted. Whether you’re starting your career and looking to get into sales, or you feel “stuck” in your current role and need a change, Betts can help you explore new opportunities. Here are just a few of the sales positions we specialize in:

Sales Development

Sales Development roles are responsible for managing all leads for a company, including strategic outreach and sourcing. These roles go by the following names:

  • Business Development Representative (BDR)
  • Enterprise Business Representative (EBR)
  • Inside Sales Representative (ISR)
  • Market Development Representative (MDR)
  • Sales Development Representative (SDR)
  • Sales Associate
  • Sales Support
sales grid
Account Executive

An Account Executive works with prospective clients and controls the lion’s share of the sales process, from lead qualification to close. The Account Executive gives demos, negotiates prices, and more. These are the typical sub-types of AEs at most SaaS companies:

  • Small-and-Midsized Business (SMB) Account Executive
  • Mid-Market Account Executive
  • Enterprise Account Executive
csm account
Customer Success & Account Management

Roles in Customer Success Manager and Account Management focus on maintaining client relations after the initial sale. These people are measured on metrics like churn, up-sell, product adoption, and more.

  • Customer Success
  • Account Manager
  • Growth Account Executive
  • Renewals Manager
  • Implementation Manager
  • Technical Account Manager

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