Leadership Careers

Few roles have as direct an impact on an organization's bottom line as sales roles. That impact is even greater for a role in sales management. Great leadership lifts up an entire team and makes everyone better. We have a strong network of companies looking for sales leaders looking to take them through their next stage of growth. Here are some of the leadership roles we have helped fill:

Leadership Roles

Vice President of Sales is responsible for establishing the sales targets to meet the company objectives. 

The Head of Sales is responsible for overseeing all sales activities of the company and managing the sales teams.

The Director of Sales ensures the entire team maximizes revenue and falls in line with company goals. 

The VP of BD oversees the formation of business partnerships, and planning/ execution of strategies to increase sales and company growth.

Vice President of Marketing is responsible for developing and implementing a cohesive marketing plan to increase brand awareness.

The Vice President of People Operations is responsible for developing cutting edge people operations programs, crafting a delightful employee experience and develop employees in stride with growing the organization.

The Sales Development Manager handle existing sales and also develop new sales while building high-performance teams.

The Business Development Manager is the driving force behind generating new sales leads and contacts for a company. 

The Head of Marketing is responsible for all marketing activities of the company ensuring the marketing team effectively fulfils the organisations marketing strategy.

The Head of People Operations is responsible for helping to find, develop, motivate and retain the companies team. In this role you will be responsible for all human resources related activities. 

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