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SignalFire’s Portfolio Gets Exclusive Opportunity

SignalFire companies get a free 5-month trial to Betts Connect. In addition, they receive discounted contingency searches, waived or reduced engagement fees, and move to the front of the line on contingency searches. Contact your SignalFire representative to get started!


Unique Connect Offer

  • Free 5-month trial to our top-of-funnel sourcing platform, Connect
  • Make unlimited SDR, AE, and CSM hires for the duration of your trial
  • Get a discount on your annual subscription if you continue using Connect after your free trial

Using Connect is Easy



Choose the roles you’re hiring for, such as SDRs, AEs, or CSMs.


Filter candidates by KPIs: like quota, deal size, sales cycle, and industries sold to.


Reach out to candidates and schedule interviews.

SignalFire’s Special Search Fees

Your Contingency Searches Get Prioritized

When you need to make strategic hires that Connect isn’t a good fit for, you can leverage our contingency recruiting option. Plus, as a SignalFire company, your searches get prioritized over other Betts searches.

Contingency recruiting can help you:

  • Hire leadership or exec roles
  • Build diverse teams
  • Find your first sales, marketing, or customer success hire
  • Make hires with hard-to-find skills or backgrounds

SignalFire Companies Who Love Working With Betts

“Betts Connect really helped solve multiple challenges we were facing. We got results much more quickly than we had before working with Betts. I think any recruiter would find success using this platform to hire sales reps at a company like ours.”

Mia Carrasco, Business Recruiter at Grammarly

If you’re looking to hire quickly—and find people with highly-specific experience—Betts Connect is your bet for curated tech talent. It carefully selects a candidate list that fits your criteria from the get-go, saving valuable time and money.

Sam Sabo, Business Development Manager, Kolena

Scale Faster With Betts

Whether you’re looking to hire individual contributors with our top-of-funnel sourcing platform, make strategic hires, or hire your next executive, Betts can help you scale your sales, marketing and customer success teams. Contact your SignalFire representative for more details!