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Case Studies

Yotpo needed to build a sales team. We found them 19 reps & managers.

The Betts Team
June 4, 2021

Yotpo is a SaaS platform that helps businesses generate customer reviews, drive traffic, and increase conversions. In 2015, Yotpo experienced over 400% growth and worked with 100,000 businesses to leverage user-generated content marketing.

The Needs

New Office Sales Team with sales reps and managers who had experience at high-growth companies, were a culture fit, and could start generating revenue quickly.

The Challenge – before Betts, Yotpo relied on internal resources

  • Struggle positioning unique brand to competitive New York talent market
  • Internal resources did not have the time to source and screen candidates at scale
  • Faced challenges searching for multiple roles simultaneously
  • Situated in a hyper-growth market and were potentially losing talent to larger companies

“Betts Recruiting consistently delivers not only the quality of sales people we look for, but also at a rate we’re unable to find elsewhere.”

Jordan Gutman, Head of Operations and Strategy at Yotpo

The Solution

  • Started interviewing high-quality candidates within one week
  • Accessed the same top talent larger companies were pursuing because of expanded network
  • Achieved an average time-to-hire of 17 days

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