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Case Studies

Wandera needed a Technical Account Manager. We found them.

The Betts Team
June 4, 2021

Wandera is the leader in mobile data security and management, protecting enterprises with realtime threat prevention, compliance, and data cost management. Wandera has the industry’s largest mobile data set and a pioneering cloud gateway for mobile. The company needed to quickly hire a Technical Account Manager to ensure the security and management of mobile data for enterprises

The Needs

Technical Account Manager with at least 3 years of experience, technical skills, a knowledge and understanding of enterprise solutions, strong communication skills, and experience managing multiple clients simultaneously.

Before Betts, Wandera was looking for consistent volume of qualified candidates

  • Needed a partner to source qualified candidates from a broader pool
  • Unable to find the right candidate with specialized talent needed for position

“Betts is the most professional recruitment agency I’ve dealt with. It comes through in details like their role briefing sessions, interview scheduling and feedback follow up. It leads to faster engagement and a better likelihood of a successful hire.”

Ben Oxnam, Chief Operating Officer at Wandera

The Solution

After Partnering with Betts:

  • Substantially cut down interview time by bringing in qualified and vetted candidates
  • Interviewed five of the seven of submitted candidates for the position
  • Found their Technical Account Manager hire in less than two weeks