Betts Recruiting

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Case Studies

UXPin needed to hire a Head of Sales Operations. We found them.

The Betts Team
June 4, 2021

UXPin allows product teams to build low and high-fidelity, interactive, and realistic web or mobile wireframes as well as prototypes. With over $7.3 million in funding, UXPin needed to ramp up their sales team with a skilled and experienced operations manager.

The Needs

Head of Sales Operations with experience at a similar stage company and could hit the ground running towards revenue by working with the established sales team to cover technical issues.

Before Betts, UXPin used internal recruiting resources

  • Lacked an established process to hire a manager-level position
  • Unable to source candidates with the right background and culture fit
  • Challenged to find a hire in a short time frame due to the necessity of the position

“I’ve been a long time Betts fan, so I was confident they would find the right candidate for us. This was one of our most critical, strategic and urgent hires. Betts found the right person in three tries over two weeks. Amazing!”

Chris Sallen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at UXPin

The Solution

After Partnering with Betts Recruiting

  • Substantially cut down interview time by bringing in qualified and vetted candidates
  • Reviewed only three candidates presented, and interviewed two
  • Hired a Head of Sales Operations in only one month