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The Ultimate Guide for Building a Solid Marketing Team

eBook: How to Hire Top Talent to Execute Your Marketing Strategy
There’s no two ways about it: as your company grows, you need a marketing strategy. Get our free new eBook to learn how to build the perfect marketing team so you can keep the leads flowing in. Key takeaways:
  • Detailed info on the ideal profile of key marketing roles, including demand generation, content marketing, product marketing, and leadership – and the functions they perform.
  • How to ensure your marketing team is motivated to perform at the highest level to keep you on track to meet your company goals
  • Best practices for building a robust interview process designed to yield the best candidates for your marketing roles
  • Sample interview questions to shed light on candidates’ abilities

A remote work guide fit for the moment

The more ambitious your sales goals are, the harder it is to meet those goals without a robust marketing team to capture quality leads and funnel them into your pipeline. Each function on this team, from demand generation to content marketing to product marketing and beyond, has a crucial role to play in keeping the lead-gen engine running on all cylinders.

But with talented B2B marketers in such high demand, how do you build this team? How can you find, hire, and motivate the best people to carry out these functions and execute your marketing plan at your organization? That’s what we cover in our new eBook. Dive in and learn:

With the right people, you can build the best team to execute your marketing strategy, keep quality leads flowing through your funnel, keep your sales team happy, and meet your goals. Download the eBook today to learn how

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