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The Manager’s Guide to Remote Work

How to manage a remote team as the business landscape changes
Download the free guide today to see why remote work doesn’t have to mean lost productivity.
  • Learn why having a detailed plan tailored to remote work is key to avoiding hiring and management problems.
  • Understand the qualities that make the ideal offsite worker.
  • Get detailed tips for planning and executing a remote interview process, with sample interview questions.
  • Learn how to develop a solid plan for seamlessly onboarding remote workers.
  • See how to maximize performance while maintaining company culture in a remote work environment.

A remote work guide fit for the moment

The workforce and business landscape have suddenly changed, thanks to a combination of global events and existing business trends. Most company leaders have at least some experience managing employees who occasionally work from home. Now, though, more and more every day are figuring out, in real time, how to manage a fully remote team. From sourcing, to remote interviews, to onboarding, to managing, leaders need to have a solid process in place in order to make their offsite team successful.

In this eBook, the hiring experts at Betts Recruiting offer some much-needed guidance on all of these processes. Through our own experience helping our partners with remote processes, as well as our conversations with people in our network who are experts on the topic, we’re helping you avoid delays and showing you how to manage a remote team, from sourcing all the way through post-onboarding management, that executes just as powerfully as any onsite team.

Download the free guide today to make sure your transition into this new business landscape is as smooth as possible.

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