Betts Recruiting

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Case Studies

TechValidate needed a sales development team. We found them 18 SDRs.

The Betts Team
June 4, 2021

TechValidate is the world’s only customer content marketing automation platform. The web-based software help companies capture their customers’ voices with questionnaires and publish it as 3rdparty-verified content.

The Needs

Expansive sales team with experience working at rapidly growing companies and meeting high annual targets.

Before Betts, TechValidate used in-house resources

  • Recruitment process was extremely time-consuming for upper management
  • In-house resources had limited candidates to source from
  • Lacked ability to successfully vet potential employees before interviews

“Betts helped us hire 18 SDRs within 60 days, allowing us to build a successful sales team. Their deep expertise in sales recruitment ensured that we only saw talent who were not only the best match for the job, but also company culture.”

Brad O’Neill, Vice President and Co-Head of TechValidate

The Solution

After Partnering with Betts Recruiting:

  • Implemented group style interviews to decrease time-consuming phone screen process
  • Utilized Betts’ extensive sales network and increased quality of potential employees
  • Reduced time-to-hire from several months to an average of 13 days
  • Average hire started generating revenue within the first three months of working
  • Toal of 18 SDR employees hired