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Case Studies

Raydiant Doubles Sales Team Using Betts Connect – 17 Hires in 5 Months

The Betts Team
August 8, 2022

The Challenge

Finding the Right Candidates for the Job

  • Raydiant was looking to double their sales team in 2022.
  • Looking for specific KPI’s, they had a low response rate using LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Raydiant wanted candidates that were interested in working in the office full time.

“I was hesitant at first to buy a platform, but Connect blew my expectations away! I’ve finally got a platform that is going to allow me to efficiently scale!”

John Waechter,
Senior Talent Manager,

The Betts Solution

KPI’s Saved Countless Hours of Screening

  • Using Connect, Raydiant was able to narrow in on KPI’s like quota, attainment, deal size, and location.
  • The Raydiant team was able to quickly add 5 in-office sales team members in their first month.
  • Raydiant has grown their sales org by 17 people all using Connect.
  • Raydiant has already seen an ROI of 7X vs standard contingency recruiting in just 5 months on the platform.