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Case Study panjiva
Case Studies

Panjiva needed sales and CS employees in New York. We found them 7 new employees.

The Betts Team
June 4, 2021

Panjiva is a proprietary SaaS database that analyzes 10 million companies’ global trade activities. Panjiva has become a leading information platform for global trade professionals, providing a marketplace for international buyers and sellers to connect.

The Needs

New York Sales Team with motivated sales and customer success people interested in big data solutions, growing within the company, and a collaborative culture.

Before Betts, Panjiva relied on internal resources

  • Lacked tech sales network to complete a wide range search for ideal employee fit
  • Spent too much time sourcing and screening applicants that weren’t properly vetted ahead of time
  • Faced challenges writing job descriptions that attracted experienced candidates

“The quality of people I got from Betts was tenfold compared to LinkedIn and Indeed postings. My team was so impressed with Betts’ persistence in keeping the process going and their real knowledge about us. It shined through in all of our interviews.”

Lauren Gearhart, General Manager at Panjiva

The Solution

After Partnering with Betts Recruiting:

  • Developed a repeatable hiring process and desirable employer brand
  • Engaged passive job seekers through Betts’ extensive network
  • Saved time and made quicker decisions with high-touch communications throughout the process
  • Achieved an average time-to-hire of 24 days across sales and customer success roles
  • Seven new employees hired