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Case Studies

NuORDER’s aggressive revenue goals created the need for a cross country sales search to support the next funding round. We helped them.

The Betts Team
June 4, 2021

NuORDER’s mission is to eliminate pen and paper while driving sales for brands and allowing retailers to buy more effectively. Orders, custom linesheets, product catalogs, inventory, and prospecting new accounts can all be managed through NuORDER. The software utilizes cloud-based architecture and an offline iPad app, and allows users to conduct business anytime, anywhere.

The Needs

Aggressive revenue goals created the need for a cross country sales search to support the next round of funding.

Before Betts, NuORDER had a lack of internal resources

  • No available resources to dedicate full time to a search in NY and LA
  • Fast moving growth plan that requires nimble sales reps 
  • Frustrated with current outsourced hiring efforts

“Betts stands out because they took the time to meet our team at the office, were flexible with recalibration and built genuine relationships. Our team can put more than 1 face to the name at Betts – making it feel like we know the whole team.”

Blake Chana, Vice President of Sales at NuORDER

The Solution

Becoming a Betts Partner:

  • Gained access to representatives with candidates and in person touch points in both hiring locations 
  • Sat down and described the true culture fit they were looking for increasing quality of candidates without losing quantity 
  • Found a flexible resource allowing them to stay nimble and know they had an extension of their team ready to execute rather than needing to recalibrate with yet another agency
  • Through Betts, NuORDER hired 3 Account Executives in Los Angeles, 1 Account Manager in Los Angeles, 2 Sales Development Representative in Los Angeles and 2 Sales Development Representatives in New York.